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Friday, August 11, 2006

Your Ad Here!

After dialing up the internet on my archaic computer this evening, the following article caught my attention: Ad Placement Gets Extreme. It mentions how ad agencies are having to get more creative, now that fewer people watch tv commercials. Some of these are ridiculous, but I think some are really quite creative.

This steaming cup of delicious java...(, I don't want it! I gave it up!!) is actually covering a manhole on a NY City street. I thought this was a cool idea. It would have gotten my attention. Of course, on the down side, it might cause some traffic (or even pedestrian) problems.

Now...I question the wisdom of this next one. Ads on airsick baggies? Seems like it would give the wrong impression, if you ask me. (Hey, you don't look so good - quick, take this Star Wars Episode III barf bag! Uh oh...bad idea...) Are they going to start handing these out in theaters where they're showing ill conceived sequels/prequels? Or just in airplanes where you can watch the watered down versions of not too successful films to ease you into sleep in uncomfortable upright sitting positions?

Check out this article for even more extreme campaigns. Most of these were not in the U.S.


Dagny said...

That is too funny.

D.T. said...

Yeah, I saw this article the other day too, and I was like, wow. Did you the CBS eggs? I dont know why, but I want one! I mean, I know it's gonna end up being part of my chakkas collection but I still want one.

P.S. I left a comment congratulating your recent weight loss success and I cant see it. Did it get deleted?

Tami said...

All the other ideas made sense from a marketing perspective (to me anyway), but the airsick bags? Come on!

D.T. - I never saw your comment on the last post. It may not have taken... And what is "chakkas?"
(I'm so uninformed)

Secret Pal said...

I hope they don't start advertising restaurants on the airsick bags!

Christyn said...

I think the manhole cover ad is a pretty inovative idea. :) Who would have thought!

I think D.T. meant chochkies (?) nicknacks...

aurora said...

Airsick baggie'd think that would be a sort of negative advertising, wouldn't you?

(Although, when you consider the quality of the latter Star Wars films, it may be quite apt...)

D.T. said...

Actually, what I meant was chachkas. You know, bric-a-brac, dust collectors...that sorta thing. bad!