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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

In case anyone is interested, here's a shot of the costume I wore to work today. I was a dark angel (or, when being judged within the department theme, I was a dead borrower. Our theme was reasons that people default on mortgages).

Let me just say that I love these wings. I was eyeing them in the party store last Halloween, couldn't justify the purchase. This year I could! And everyone kept asking me if I made them myself (I probably could have, but no...I did not. I can just imagine the frenzy that would have whipped my cat into - me attempting to glue a bunch of feathers to wing forms? She would have totally been on the prowl, and I'd have been scooping feather bits out of her litter box for days.)

And here's a picture of the back (more black than the deep red on the backs of the wings). As cool as I thought the wings were, they just weren't made for an office, once the rounds of the other departments were made, they (and the cheap-y halo that fell apart quickly) came off pretty quickly.
I was happily impressed by the office's participation this year. It was pretty dead (ha!) last year, with very few departments decorating or dressing up. I guess that the market changes that have cause my particular department to be so swamped have allowed for a little extra time in other areas of the business. (While great for job security for me and my co-workers, this tends to lead to layoffs on the production side.) Anyway, one of the departments across the hall did up their area as Snakes on a Plane. Flight attendants, air traffic controllers, dust masks hanging from the ceilings and floor lighting. It was pretty creative. They also scattered plastic snakes down the hallway leading to their main door (not so great for the woman down the hall with a deathly fear of snakes! Even fake ones creep her out. I think she barricaded herself in her office all day). Let's see, we also had Pirates of the Caribbean (only they were led by Captain Mortgage) - they set up pirate themed games and were playing Pirates of the Caribbean on the projector screen in the background. I think those were the most notable two.

I got word from my father that my baby brother had a ball trick or treating tonight, and didn't get scared at anything either. He sent cute pictures of Gino in his alligator costume (only Gino was calling it a dinosaur), but they're in a weird format, so I couldn't figure out how to save them as jpegs, or I'd have posted one.

I have to say that my biggest scare of the day; however, was when I saw the Christmas themed commercial for Sears. It's not even November yet!! But then again, I've already got most of Tony's Christmas gifts already...(believe me - that is NOT normal for me.)


Dagny said...

Wow! You folks go all out for Halloween.

Joie said...

Awesome costume Tami!! Looks great!!

Hahaha! I love the snakes idea!!

And yeah, I know about the fear of Xmas. With us leaving here a as early as we are, we will have to have mailed any gifts we aren't putting in suitcases before we go. That puts my last minute shopper husband in deep doodoo. We have a lot to get done before then. I figure I am going to send out a :TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!" message today in order to get any info before Thanksgiving!

Sounds like it was a fun Halloween!!

Christyn said...

Wow - great pictures!! Hmm, wonder who took them! :) hee hee! You were the best costumed person in our department!! Good Job!! Glad you had the will and determination to dress up - most of us weren't.

Jill said...

You look so beautiful!

Kerri said...

Cool costume Tami! Those were quite the wings! :)

Kai said...

You make a TERRIFIC angel! Those are killer wings!

Tami said...

Dagny - We do tend to go all out. Good thing too, or my Halloween would be really uneventful!

Joie - Thanks! You know that dress was my first Ebay purchase. And I've gotten quite a lot of use out of it. And dare I tell you to let Andy know that he can still shop in CA?

Christyn - so modest, aren't you? And dressing up and parading around the office is much more interesting than staring at collection comments all day...I don't know why everyone else was so blah about it...(okay, I had my moments...)

Jill - thank you!

Kerri - How did you wheel around in your wings from the punk fairy costume? I was having major issues with hallways and doorways...

Thanks Kai - I loved the wings...I'm going to have to figure out how to store them dry and away from Gracie's teeth. Hey - did you delete your blog?

Anonymous said...

Love how the costume turned out, looks great. (You are welcome to stick them in my storage unit to store them if you want. Its dry.)
We need to make Halloween a more exciting holiday dont we

Orelinde_03 said...

Awesome wings....awesome costume! I wish my place would let us dress up. But nooooo!

I don't understand why the retail industry rushes the holidays. People are going to spend gads of money regardless.

But love the costume!