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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Yep, that's me. I'm torn. And what's the big decision? Why, thank you for asking!

My dilemma is which of the 9pm primetime shows to watch tonight. There's Gossip Girl, which I watched last week when it premiered and actually enjoyed. On the flip side, there's Private Practice, the Grey's Anatomy spinoff. Now, I'm a HUGE Grey's Anatomy fan, and have been looking forward to the spinoff. But, I don't know...

So, I guess I'm trying to decide between a teen soap opera, and a show of adults that act like teens (I'm assuming)...

I think I'll be flipping through both stations and see which one lasts through the beginning of the season. While working on a new necklace idea, if I can keep the beads and wire out of the cat's jaws.

On the jewelry front - Thanks D.T. for the sale! And check out my new link on the sidebar to my Etsy shop. Thanks!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Open For Business

Well, this weekend I finished setting up my Etsy shop. If you want to check it out, here's the link:

I'll be adding a link to my page soon, but I spent today at the Walnut Festival and need to get to bed. I've only listed 7 items so far, but hope to add to it relatively soon. Eventually, I would like to add some of my crocheted items (I set it up with a crochet section, but it is empty at the moment). Of course, I should probably get moving on the baby blanket for Christyn's 12-week old baby before I start any new projects.

I haven't had any sales yet (way early), but I've had each item viewed a modest number of times. I'm just now getting the word out, and have printed out a few preliminary business cards to give to friends and family.

Special thanks to Jill, who may not realize it, but offered me some encouragement in an email she sent a while back regarding the business end. Thanks also to all of my supportive friends out there! (And Joie - setting up the shop isn't too hard, as long as you have enough time to sit at the computer and do it.)

Friday, September 21, 2007

My Very Own Personal Hero

I’ve been working on the jewelry thing lately and have noticed that my cat is mesmerized by beading wire and pearls. I’m using a bead board to lay out some of my designs before stringing them, and this usually ends up on my lap as I work. So does the cat. This has posed a bit of a problem, as she is not content to sit idly by admiring my handiwork.

Nope, not my Gracie. The freshwater pearls shining in the lamplight appear to her as unwilling prey attempting to escape their confines (that would be the indented necklace track). The reflection off of that perfectly faceted Swarovski crystal? The shining eye of the victim, glistening with a tear of defeat! As she crouches to pounce, she thinks to herself, “Must…save…Mommy! The marauding army of evil baubles is quickly advancing!”

Aren’t I lucky to have such a protective hero in my household? God forbid the nylon coated steel coil of beading wire be allowed to hang over the side of the bead board, or dangle from my busy hands, swinging its tail mockingly in Gracie’s face. Better get it before it gets you! Muahahahaha…

Um, anyway, I find myself repeatedly removing the cat from my side/lap/face/couch while beading. She did pounce on a roving pearl last night, overturning numerous beads and gemstones onto my lap, couch and floor. Then she chased what had fallen to the floor. I’m still missing one Swarovski crystal, and am waiting to see it winking up at me from the litter box (in which case I will take the loss and let it lay). I’ve also caught her gnawing at the beading wire, which I don’t think she could cut with her teeth and swallow, but is left all up all kinked from the biting so it will no longer lay quite flat after the attack. I’m sure this is all quite fun for her. As for me...well, I've been picking seed beads out of the carpeting. Enough said.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, some of you may have noticed that I went AWOL last week. I haven't really felt like blogging, so I haven't done it. But, to catch you up, I turned another year older last week (Wednesday was my birthday), but as usual, don't feel any different. Birthdays just don't seem nearly as exciting as they used to when I was little.

My co-workers decorated my cubicle at work with streamers and happy birthday banners (hard to miss). I got flowers delivered from my good friend in GA. Then after work I met up with Kristin for dinner and a little bit of shopping. Bad news for the Target crew, since they had started setting up the Halloween displays and there were items that said "try me." So we did... Maturity is for boring people.

A group of friends got together to celebrate my birthday on Sunday (which is actually my grade-school best friend's birthday!), which was fun. My friend from GA happened to be out visiting family, and Kerri came up from Sacramento to join us. And I made my first jewelry sale! I was wearing a piece that I had completed on Saturday night (I received a package from Aunt Fran that included some beads that were perfect for the necklace I was working on, so I used them right away), and one of my friends was admiring it, and asked if I'd make one for her. I told her I'd sell her this one and asked what she'd pay for it (she wouldn't let me just give it to her for free, I was ready to). So, I made $15. Yay me! I still don't have the website all set up yet, but I'll keep you all posted. I've made a few more items for it too.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Money Matters & Dogs

So, I mentioned about a week ago how I was trying to save money. Caitlin asked me how I figure out my budget. Here's the problem. I don't. Does anyone have a great way to devise a budget? I'm thinking of using Quicken (simply because it's already installed on my hard drive), but I don't actually know how to use it. I'm sure I could figure it out though...

So far, I had balanced my scheduled bill payments against my bank balance to see what would be left over (a sad, paltry amount) before my next paycheck comes in. From that, I limited myself to $100 spending money for the period between paychecks. Of course, I didn't count the cash in my wallet at the I spent it without counting it towards my $100 limit. Then I cashed in all the loose change that I've been collecting at home/car and didn't count that towards the limit either ($33.00 - not bad! First time I've had to wait in line at the CoinStar machine though. The couple in front of me had over $200 in change!).

I think I may need to rethink my current method...Gas alone will be (and has been) about half of my spending allowance, and I still need to eat (groceries add up). Happily, my two front teeth will be paid off in December, and that will free up $120/mo for savings or spending. The credit cards will take a bit longer to pay down, but I'm working on it (which is why I'm trying to spend so little currently).

As for the "dog" in the post title, it's what my apartment smells like right now. And no, I didn't get one. It's from running the vacuum cleaner that I got from my father (he has quite a few dogs). It needs a new filter, but I haven't been able to find one yet. Granted, I haven't been looking... But, in the meantime, the carpet is looking much better. (And no Kristin, I did not completely clean my place before vacuuming, so don't get too excited.)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Weekend Photos

I visited my father this weekend, in the incredible scorching heat...aren't I a good kid? Dad and I baked a luscious lemon cake with cream cheese frosting (yum!), while my 3-year old brother watched. We let him lick the frosting bowl, and he was plenty happy with that arrangement...

Woo hoo! Sugar!! I'm not sleeping tonight!

Later that night, my stepmother and I took Gino to the little beach at the local river. He loves it and we almost couldn't get him to leave. Okay, he didn't really have a choice in the matter, but we were about the haul him off kicking and screaming. Luckily, it didn't come to that.

Gearing up for a big splash
So, that was basically my weekend. Not too exciting by many people's standards, but I enjoyed it. Oh, and I got my dad's old vacuum cleaner, which I was sorely in need of, since mine started emitting smoke and died the last time I used it (which was long enough ago that I'm embarrassed to say). So, now I can suck up some of that cat hair that has been taking over my carpet. It really does make a difference. (And sadly, as soon as I got home last night, I started vacuuming! Oh come on now...don't be jealous!)