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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hot Chocolate, Baby!

I took another fun test over at OkCupid...(still addicted to those gosh darned quizzes), and it told me that if I were a beverage, I'd be hot chocolate. I kind of like this description of me...what do you think? (I ask, because some of you know me quite well...) Also, if you end up taking the quiz, let me know what it tells you.

Your Score: Hot Chocolate

If you were a drink, you'd be 34% alternative, 28% caustic and 41% playful. Mmm, tasty.

So, we all know that people aren't beverages, and trying to drink other people won't end well for anyone. If you were a drink, though, I think you'd be Hot Chocolate.

Hot chocolate is that lovely middle-ground in comfort drinks - the perfect choice when you're feeling a bit unsure and you want something safe. I mean, come on, it's chocolate. What's not to like? Even the lactose-intolerant and diabetic people of the world can appreciate you now, since so many new varieties of milk and chocolate are available now. Your comforting, composed demeanour makes you a hit at coffee shops everywhere.

In other words, you measured as more popular than alternative. This may mean your tastes are a little more mainstream, that you tend more to the right than the left, or that your style is just a little bit safer.

You also measured as more gentle than caustic. This may mean that you're a less aggressive person, that you're generally calmer than most people, and that you are better at keeping a level head in most situations.

Finally, you measured as somewhere in between serious and playful. This may mean that you have found a good balance between being introspective and analytical, and being a bit more outgoing and silly. It may also mean your sex drive registers somewhere towards the centre. I had to group both of these areas under one variable.

Finally, for those of you who would love to know what other drinks you could have scored has... I couldn't fit all the links here, but feel free to jump across to my journal here to see all 27 possible results. You're welcome to let me know what you thought of the test, too!

The Beverage Identity Test written by runyoshirun on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Long Weekend

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a nice relaxing, or eventful (depending on what floats your boat) weekend. Mine was kind of relaxing, rather uneventful, and rather boring. I came down with a cold last weekend, and have been trying to kick it ever since. The congestion is mostly gone, my ears are nearly clear, but I'm still coughing a bit and my voice is decidedly lower. Urgh. So, I didn't go to my youngest step-brother's high school graduation party that was yesterday, and I didn't go visit Kristin and the baby (just in case I am still contagious).

But, since I am feeling a bit better (even though the energy lags, and there's occasional coughing), I wandered over to Kohl's for their Memorial Day Sale. Mainly because all luggage is on sale for at least 50% off, and I've been using old (and ugly) hand me down luggage for the last decade. I've been thinking about buying a new set of luggage for years, but it's expensive, and I'm cheap... You know, the luggage I have been using has wheels, but it's the old-fashioned, attach the strap and pull kind. If I bother trying to wheel it around with the strap, it just ends up falling over.

So, I bought a brand-spanking new 4-piece set of luggage (in royal purple - that should make it easier to spot on the luggage carousel), for $59! I am rather proud of myself. I hope it's of good quality - but I didn't want to pay the ridiculously high amounts for a single piece of a more well-known brand (the American Tourister and Dockers were double and triple the prices for just one item). Anyway, here's what I got (the online photo makes the purple look like navy, but trust me, it's not).

I'm so easily satisfied, aren't I? I also got a mini-coffee maker (4-cup), a beach towel (realized last summer that I didn't have one!) and 2 cute casual t-shirts. In total, I ended up spending just $10 over the original price of the luggage set. I love me a good sale!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shameless Plug

Hey there everyone. I wanted to send an internet shout out for my friend (and cohort in craft crime) Moriah, who has just started her own Etsy shop: BeadyEyeLass. She has also started her own blog to go with it.

She has reinspired me on the jewelry front. I've been making crocheted necklaces, but haven't listed any for sale, since I'm still trying to work out the best way to finish off the closures. So far I have liked the way they are coming out though.

Please take a look at Moriah's sites! She will appreciate it!