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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Random Thursday Thoughts

Today was a good day - I even felt like I made progress with my workload at the office. I got the permanent crown put in today, so no more rough plastic tooth for me. But, I do need a root canal on that dead front tooth (no horror stories please - that means you Christyn!).

I also talked to my boss about taking vacation in the middle of June, and she approved. I haven't finalized the dates yet, but it will be encompassing the weekend of June 17th, as that's when my cousin's wedding is. So, my plan is to fly out to Buffalo, NY and spend some time with my youngest aunt (she is 13 years older than me, and more like a big sister). We'll drive down to Altoona, PA (where the wedding is taking place), and then back to Buffalo. My aunt has a business meeting in Syracuse the following Monday, and had the idea that I accompany her and then we can visit one of my great-aunts in Canastota (where my mother lived until her senior year of high school. I was born there and we moved to the greater Buffalo area when I was 5). I'd love to go visit Aunt Stella - she's my grandfather's youngest sister, and man is she a kick! A fiesty one. Hmm...possibly my idol. So, um, to sum it up - I'm going on vacation and am excited! Woo-hoo! (I am not, however, excited about plane ticket prices...)

My cat tried to climb me today. I guess it's fitting since my name (Tamara) means palm tree. I guess I never really felt like it until today. I do think she may have ruined these pants though. Which is okay, since trees don't wear clothes. (I guess I'm really not a tree after all - I do not bare my body!!)

Okay - the other day at Target I found some body lotion on sale (2 for $5!!). So, I bought the body lotion and hand lotion. I'm 30 now, and starting to notice that my hands aren't looking as youthful anymore (my mom always used to compliment me on my I've been aware of them because of that). Well, the lotions I bought were Vaseline Intensive Care Renewal Age Redefining (hand & body). The back of the hand lotion bottle states that in 4 weeks the appearance of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles will be diminished. I've decided to test this...I'm going to take an initial picture of my hand, and see if I notice any difference in the next 4 weeks. Mostly, I apply the lotion before bed. I'm really not good at applying it during the day... So's the first shot:


Dagny said...

Vacation. Mmmm. Jealous.

Christyn said...

But...I want to share my horror stories with you. :(

Nice hand?!? LOL I see them often at my desk, waiving in front of me face while you talk (true Italian), however I've never noticed any ages spots or wrinkles..though I was never looking either.

When Gracie climbed you, did you get scratched up? DIdn't see any scratches on that hand of yours!

Tami said...

No scratches on the hand...she tried to climb up my leg! I was standing at the time (before crouching in pain...)

I don't have age spots or wrinkles on the hands, but the skin texture could stand improvement.

And horror stories until after the root canal - can you wait 2 weeks?