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Wednesday, May 03, 2006



I love Trader Joe's. I got 4 little artichokes the other day for $2.14, and cooked them up yesterday. My first time actually preparing them myself. (We used to have them quite a bit when I was living with my parents, but one of them always cooked them.) Tonight when I got home from work, I was craving a stuffed artichoke, like Mom & Dad used to make. And I lucked out! I actually had the recipe! Unfortunately, it's for 6 artichokes, so I had to scale it down for 1. I think I did a pretty good job (especially since I did very little actual measuring). And it was delicious! Though next time I think I'll scale down the parmesan and olive oil a little bit.


I'm starting to accept the loss of my beloved hairdresser... No, it's not like that. She didn't die or anything. She had a 2nd baby, and went on maternity leave. Then she didn't renew her lease at the old salon (I knew she wasn't going to - we'd discussed it). She was supposed to call the clients she wanted to keep and let them know where she was moving to (work-wise) when she came back from leave.

Well, it's been over 8 months, and no phone I don't know if that means I wasn't of the select clientele (though I doubt she'd have mentioned it to me if I wasn't) or if she's not working again yet. In either case, I desperately need a haircut. (Just ask Christyn!) My dilemma is this - do I just trim it and keep the current length? It hasn't been this long in years.

Or, do I hack it back down to short again? (It was much easier to deal with short, but took getting used to.)

Any opinions? (The long hair shots are not the most flattering of me...but you get the idea.)

No rush...I haven't called a new hairdresser yet. Though Christyn did give me the number of her guy. (I've never had a male hairdresser...)


Tomorrow at lunchtime I go back into the dentist's office for the permanent crown. Even though they've marked my chart for no Epinephrine, I'm still kind of afraid I'll pass out on them. I'm trying to think positive...I'm just hoping I don't work myself up over it. (Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...)

I'm also afraid I'm going to need that root canal after all. My gums under the affected molar have been achey on & off still, but people keep telling me that a temporary crown never really fits right, so it might just be that. Well, we'll see.

Wish me luck!!


Christyn said...

When were both those pictures taken? Is the long haired picture actually how long it is now? If so, it looks so different (non-frizzy....and I don't mean that in a bad way). The short one is very pretty, but doesn't look like the Tami I know :). When was that taken??

Talk to ya later.

kerri said...

I like it somewhere in between the two. The second one's awfully short, and yeah, I agree, SO does not look like you. Gosh Tami, I don't know how you you could wait 8 months!I go tomorrow after having to wait 7 weeks, and my head looks like a mop--seriously. But after 8 months, I would think you'd want at least 2-3 inches off. At least, I would.

Well, if you get in a pinch, you can always come see mine if you visit. She's very good.

P.S. Yummy artichokes.

Caitlin said...

Hey, I agree w/ Kerri on the haor. Somewhere in the middle!!! So, are you going to share the artichoke recipe w/ me? I've never seen an artichoke (hope I spelled it right) that big!!!!

Tami said...

Okay masses...

The long hair picture was taken last night about an hour after I got out of the shower, without me putting any of the usual anti-frizz on.

The other picture was about a year ago, right after I'd gotten it cut (as you can tell by how unnaturally straight it is!). I'd also been experimenting with some of my makeup for fun.

Caitlin - did you just call me a hoar? (hehehe...nice spelling, by the way!) Do you really want the artichoke recipe? It's at home. The artichoke is actually a small one, but looks bigger since the filling is stuffed into the leaves.

Dagny said...

I am torn on the hair issue. I like both so maybe an in-between length is the way to go.

I too crave the artichoke recipe. Maybe in your next post...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the bad spelling. I noticed it right after I submitted it. I guess I should of previewed it huh???
You will be proud of me b/c yesterday I didn't use all my points. I think that is a first!!! Thanks for motivating me!!!!