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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Busy Wednesday...

Today began with an hour and a half training session on a new web-based application for one of our investors. Sound exciting? That's because it's not...especially not at 9am. But I did manage to get into the office 10 minutes early today. (A big feat for me.)

I talked to my mother this afternoon, and she is feeling much better. I can tell, since she was highly talkative this time (which is more like normal). She did mention that she weighed herself after getting discharged, and she had gained 21 pounds since the surgery. (We're sure it was mostly excess fluid, from the trauma, and the IVs they'd had her on.) She actually had to go out and buy pants, because none of hers fit her. Mind you, she's on vacation in IA (step-nephew's wedding - which she ended up missing due to the hospitalization), so it's not like she's got the closet full of backup sizes. My poor mother! She tells a good story though. She and her husband figured that she'd be in the hospital until last Monday (since that's what they were initially told), so my step-father had taken her clothes back to their place, intending, I assume, to bring her fresh clothes before her release. But, my mother (the overacheiver) was doing so well that they decided to discharge her on Sunday night. So, the nurse (or doctor, can't remember) told her to go ahead and put on her clothes and go home. My mother responds that she doesn't have any clothes. And the nurse says, "Well, I knew you were from California, but don't you at least wear something?" uh...or something like that (in a joking fashion). So, Mom ended up leaving wearing a hospital gown, a pair of paper/mesh panties (that's seriously how she described them to me!), hospital socks with non-slip bottoms and her robe (which she thankfully did have with her). She told me she thought she looked like a baglady. I told her she probably looked like an escaped mental patient. (Aren't a good little daughter - good thing my mother has a sense of humor.)

Tonight, I am heading over to visit my friend who is moving to Denver, and helping her finish up packing. From the e-mail she sent me earlier today, she's got some stories to tell about her last encounter with the mother in law...(that woman - the MIL - is a serious nutjob...)

Anyway, no pearls of wisdom today, and no real point to the post. But isn't that just like me anyway? hehe


Christyn said...

Glad to hear your mommy is doing better! Yeah Wanda! :) You were talking to her for a long while today!! comment about that meeting today! What we learned from the instructor was fine, it was the extra babble and complaining from a certain someone that I didn't need to listen to...(sigh & rolling eyes).

Glad I have you to ramble to about those things! :) Thanks for being a great friend. LOL

Dagny said...

Why is that people in other states always think that Californians are a little crazy? lol Glad to hear your mom is doing better.

Tami said...

Well...we have all those wack-o celebrities making the rest of us look bad! (Plus, I firmly believe that N. CA is almost another country compared to S CA...) People from other states think that all of CA is L.A. beaches and bikinis.

Dagny said...

You've got a point there. My cousins in Virginia were forever asking things like, "How many movie stars live in your neighborhood?" and "You go to the beach all the time, don't you?" When I tell them about the water temperature around here, they look puzzled. Stupid TV and movies making people believe that sunny SoCal is how the whole state is.