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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekend Whirl

Well, another holiday weekend is now a blur. I spent Saturday morning and afternoon with my good friend Joie, who takes the train tomorrow morning for her new home in Lakewood, CO. I'll miss her, but we'll keep in touch. We have to, she owes me a tea! (hehehe...)

After hanging out with Joie, I drove out to San Andreas to visit my Dad. I hadn't been out there since mid-April. I didn't think that I'd get to see my baby brother (he's 2) this weekend, since my step-mother was on a business trip and the grandparents were watching Gino (my Dad had to work a few shifts this weekend). So, I went armed with yarn and hooks, to entertain myself while Dad worked. He had Saturday night and all of Sunday off.

Sunday we went over to my brother's apartment in Angel's Camp (not the 2 year old, the 28 year old), which I'd never been to before. It's a whole lot smaller than I expected! No wonder he left so much stuff here when he moved out. We walked down to the theater and saw X Men III, which was really good. (And even if it wasnt...there was Hugh Jackman to look at the whole time.)

My stepmother came back Monday morning, and brought Gino back too, so I got to see him after all. So cute! But he doesn't look like a little baby anymore. :( He does look like a miniature of my father, which is almost a little creepy. And that kid loves his little Kenmore Elite play vacuum. He pushed it all over the house. If it only had a little more suction (it does have a little) then Dad and Annamarie wouldn't ever have to vacuum! Anyway, that kid is adorable, but he does wear me out. I was exhausted yesterday on my way home.

Then back to work today... Way too much to do there. And not enough motivation. Argh...

Anyway, here's a cute shot of my little brother, the yarn helper. He saw the ball of yarn on the table (still attached to the sock I had just finished), and got all excited and was pointing at it saying, "ball, ball." It was cute, but I did get it away from him before he started throwing it around the room or anything.


SP said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself!


Dagny said...

Nothing like a weekend away. Did Gracie join you?

Tami said...

Nope, Gracie stayed home. And though she seemed happy to see me when I got back, she was either really trying to play with me or actually trying to kill me...she was attacking the bottoms of my pant legs as I walked through the house.

Dagny said...

Ahhh. Natasha does that to me when I have been away for some time. All this week I have awakened by her pouncing on my feet. I hope she gets over it soon.