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Monday, May 15, 2006

Secret Pal Stuff

Today I got a cute card in the mail from my One Skein Secret Pal - cute huh? My stepgrandmother has one of these dogs. French bulldogs? I'm not sure.

Anyway, continuing in the spirit of the Secret Pal vein, I thought I'd give some answers to the sacred questions the IP people sent out...forgive me if my answers are lame or boring...I can be that way sometimes.

1. Which yarn is most like your personality (you can be specific or general with your answer- brand, type, color, fiber, whatever)? ----Hmm...tough questions...Probably a nice soft cotton, since I like to think of myself as pretty natural and low maintenance. Then again...I also think I'm slightly twisted, so that works with most yarns! (I'm pretty flexible.)

2. What is your favorite color yarn to knit/crochet with? ----I gravitate towards purples and deep reds for myself. But I seem to end up making a lot of things in blues for other people. Personally, I prefer a rich deep color palette, with some nice variegation for fun.

3. Have you ever used variegated, or magic, yarns? --- Yes, and I love 'em!

4. Do you tend to favor certain fibers when choosing yarns? ----I make a lot of baby gifts, so use a lot of the acrylics (no danger of allergic reactions and easy care for the baby stuff). Fiber notwithstanding, I go more for the individual feel of the yarn. The softer and cozier, the better.

5. Do you prefer to work with center-pull or traditionally wound balls of yarn? ---- Center pull, just so the ball of yarn doesn't bounce around the floor.

6. Have you ever worked with organic yarns or are you interested in trying them? ---- I've never worked with organic yarns, but would like to try them. (Harder to fit into my tiny little budget.)

7. How many and what projects have you made in the last year? ---- I have to think. I'm guessing 6 or so finished projects...I think. I've made a pair of socks, a capelet, a bolero sweater, a large afghan, a baby afghan, and a few scarves (not sure how many).

8. Will you be knitting any gifts this year? ---- Only if I can figure out the needles before the year is up...(I've made a couple of successful swatches, but not comfortable enough knitting yet to start any real projects.) I'll be crocheting lots of gifts this year though, I'm sure. I've done 2 already. :)

9. What is your favorite one skein project? ----I like cute little purses that work up fast.

10. How much yarn do you have in your stash and how do you store it? -----I have some in bags, some in plastic bins, some in dresser drawars and some in baskets. I do not have a good way to keep track of it (bad Tami!). I know that I have a lot of it...but it would take way too long to go through it and count! One day day...

11. Do you have a yarn in your stash that you love so much you can never use it or part with it? ----Nope - but I have yarns in my stash that I'm not so fond of, and probably won't use. I'm not sure why I'm keeping them...

12. Do you knit less or differently in the summer? ----I'll go with this question as if they said crochet. I do fewer large afghans in the summer because it gets way too hot out here in Northern California to sit around with yards of yarn in my lap. I probably crochet less in summer as well, since there are more summertime gatherings to attend.

13. Do you belong to any knitting groups (online or offline)? ----Not yet, but I've thought about joining one or starting one. I just haven't gotten to it.


Joie said...

Cute card!!

I think the dogs are Boston Bulls.

Your secret pal exchange sounds fun! Have you decided what to make yet??

Tami said...

I don't know what I'll make yet...I was thinking about a little clutch purse, possibly felted. It's not the season for scarves. Hmm...I need to re-visit my pal's blog and see what kind of stuff she's into. And then make a nice trip to the yarn store! Weeee!

Dagny said...

Cute puppies.