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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sweet Southern Style

My mother has repeatedly told me that I should have become an editor. I always find the grammatical errors in things (except my own writing of course...until it's too late), or mispelled words, etc. And I know y'all is a regional term, and I'm not Southern... (though my grandmother was...and my great aunt used to say y'all quite a bit living in Texas).

So, I'm currently reading "Little Altars Everywhere" by Rebecca Wells. She also wrote "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood", which I haven't read (nor have I seen the movie). Anyway, the book is set in Louisiana, and it's pretty good, once you get past the fact that each chapter takes place in a different year, and is from another character's point of view. (That was a bit confusing for the first few chapters.) And although I am enjoying the book, the author uses "y'all" a lot, but spells it "yall." It bugs me EVERY time! (Yes, I AM neurotic, I know, and I embrace it.)

Does this spelling of y'all bother anyone else out there? Is it just me?


Kerri said...

Don't piss off the southerner's Tami. I like y'all, and use it, well, sometimes. It's easier. haha. Enjoy your book.

Christyn said...

Hmm, should I take my book away from you??? LOL!

Tami said...

I didn't think my post was offensive to Southerners...was it? I just think "y'all" is a contraction, and as such, it needs the required apostrophe!!

Dagny said...

Yes, I do get picky about the spelling of "y'all." My parents are both Southerners and my mother is very exacting in grammar. She will readily explain to anyone who asks the proper spelling and usage of the word. Why she now she even has her friends from Minnesota using the word.

I have read all three of Rebecca Wells's books. (Yes, there is a third one.) I read them in the order that you are on the recommendation of a family friend.

Also one of my aunts had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Wells years ago in Savannah. According to my aunt, she writes like she talks.

Cate said...

Hello from your OS Secret Pal! I was amused to read this post - a friend and I were dining at a new restaurant this evening, and I had to sit on my hands to keep from whipping out a pen and fixing all of the errors on the menu! "Omlette's" & "Pie Al-a-mode" were the two most glaring offenses. I think you and I may get along just fine. :)