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Monday, May 01, 2006

Miles o' Files

Work Stuff

Tomorrow there are big wigs floating around my office...The CEO of our parent company and the head of the company that is acquiring us in the beginning of the 4th quarter (I think that's when it's supposed to go through anyway). So, an e-mail went out basically telling everyone to dress appropriately (which they should be doing anyway) and to clean up our respective areas... Well, I'm not too worried about the dressing thing (I'm not one of the ones who shows up in cropped tops and low-rise jeans - and yes, there are people around the office that have been known to do that - just not in my department).

Um...I did spend the last half hour of work today cleaning my desk though. It's cleaner than it has been in months, even though I still have some piles of files on my floor (total loss control issue, I know...not allowed at all at my previous company, which was insurance, where my father was in the Loss Control department). Anyway, I finished with the desk (which could have used a little more work, but I was done!) and it immediately lifted my stress level. Funny how that works. (Now - the key would be to keep working on my apartment to de-clutter and de-stress!)

I am hoping that now my desk is less cluttery, I'll be more motivated to get more stuff done at work. (I've not been really motivated lately, but now I've got a lot of new loans to work on, so that's motivation too.)

Crochet Stuff

Well, I've finished one whole sock. I have not weaved in the ends yet (have I mentioned before how much I hate doing that?) and haven't started the second one yet. Soon though...maybe later tonight, while I watch someone get fired on The Apprentice...but, if I'm sucked into the show I'm more likely to make mistakes and end up ripping out row upon row...


Christyn said...

Your desk looks a lot cleaner! :) Good Job!!! It's amazing how the stress just lifts away when our areas are clean, huh? :)

Have a great day!! (If you look over, you'll see me smiling...LOL...b/c I'll also see you on your blogger reading my comment).

Kerri said...

LOL Christyn!!! :)

Dagny said...

I am guilty of wearing lowrise jeans -- I just love the way they fit -- but if I am going to work, I make sure that I have a long top on. I usually add a long cardigan just to be safe as well.