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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Acts of Appreciation

Yesterday, one of my coworkers randomly brought me flowers. It was so nice of her, and I was totally not expecting it. She said it was because I showed her how to concatenate (in Excel), and she's been trying to figure it out for over a year. Christyn and I have both tried to teach her in the past (and Christyn originally taught me. Twice...before I got it). Apparently, this time it took, and she was feeling appreciative when she was out shopping that day and came across these tulips: The vase is one of mine. I forgot I had it, and like the shape. It may be the vase I got from the only time my ex sent me flowers. I'm not sure though (and it doesn't matter). It reminds me of an old milk bottle, sort of. Anyway, you know how tulips tend to droop after they're cut? Another co-worker shared the penny trick with us (the flower giver and me). Put a penny in the water and the tulips perk up. It worked overnight on the white tulips, but the purple ones still looked a bit droopy when I left for work this morning. When I got back from work though, they were all standing at attention (as in the above photo). So, if you ever wondered...the penny trick really does work!

The invitations for my friend Christyn's baby shower have gone out. These are the ones I worked on a few weekends ago with her sister-in-law. (Did I blog about that?) I think they came out cute. They are all different, homemade cards. Maureen (Christyn's SIL) finished them all up last week, since she has Mondays off, and sent them all out last weekend. I got mine today (I asked her to send me one if we had enough to go around). Maureen made this one:

The Oh Baby! Stamped paper peeking out of the envelope has the directions and registry info on it. And the RSVPs have already started coming in. And still more planning to be done! (But the rest of the planning shouldn't be too bad.)

Now, since you all know how much I love my extreme close up photos, I'll leave you with this (I actually really like this picture!):


Dagny said...

You must have a well-behaved cat. Natasha has managed to decapitate all of the tulips I bought last weekend. *sigh*

Joie said...

Pretty tulips!

Guess what?
The lilacs are blooming!!!!!
And they are EVERYWHERE here!!!


Tami said...

Uh oh...Denver beware! The lilacs are blooming! And Joie will be on a mission to smell them all!

Fluffycat said...

That's awesome about those flowers. The vase is really cool, and they look beautiful in it. Yay spring.

D.T. said...

You know what else works with Tulips? Vodka. Swear. We use it here at the flower shop and they stay fresh for days and days. And I bet the penny is cheaper, but the vodka makes it more fun!

P.S. Awesome tulip close-up!

Calamity Jen said...

How nice that your co-worker expressed her appreciation in such a thoughtful way. That doesn't happen much anymore.

Kristin said...

that was nice of your co-worker. I have to remember the penny trick next time i buy myself tulips. I like the invites, I saw them, cute. However, planning a shower is not that difficult. Take it from the planner person

Kerri said...

Tulips are my favorite! :)

~jolene said...

Hi Tami, I believe this may be my first time commenting on your blog! I'm Jill's Mom -- in CdM - yeah, that Jill :)

I had to tell you how much I LOVE the close-up of your tulips!!!

Also, I want to invite you over to my blog and leave a comment for a chance to win one of my hand bound journals!
Send your friends over too!

Take care,