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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wild Turkey and Weddings

No, this is not exactly a cautionary tale. Well, I suppose it could be after all - it's all in the interpretation.

Wild Turkey:

Friday night, around 5:45pm, I was still at work at a co-worker's cubicle, adding some email documents to a file. My co-worker looks up at me and exclaims, "Did you hear that? It sounded like glass breaking!" I of course had heard nothing, and thought she was pulling my leg. Then she said it again, as she'd heard it again. Again, I heard nothing. And then my boss called out from her office, "Oh my God! You guys come here! Oh my God!"

So we ran to her office and asked what was going on. My office building is loosely shaped like a V (from an aerial view, of course) and my department is near the inside of the V, so my boss's office has a view of the backside of the other wing. Well, she pointed out 2 sections of shattered window. She said she heard one crash/glass breaking, then heard it again and saw something drop down the side of the building.

She was freaked out (we all were, after seeing the window damage, and not knowing what was going on). By this time, the other employee that was still at work at that time had joined us. The boss told us all to stay put, and she was going to check it out. We watched from her window and saw when she was over by the damage, but noticed that she didn't go in.

Now, since we are all actually disobedient children (and free-willed adults), we headed over there to check it out ourselves. The broken windows belonged to two adjacent rooms - a VP's office and a small meeting room. The floor of the meeting room was covered in large (and tiny) shards of glass and a heck of a lot of dark grey feathers. The blinds were completely thrashed. Tiny glass shards covered the central table. There was a small trail of glass shards (and a very few tiny drops of blood) leading from the window out the door of the meeting room and immediately into the next door office, across the room, up onto the low cabinet under the window, ending in another broken window.

That's right - a wild turkey (they live out on the hill behind the office building) had flown through the 2nd story window of the meeting room, walked into the hallway and into the adjacent office, and hurled itself back OUT that window! Crazy kamikaze turkeys!

Don't be fooled. These suckers are strong!! (And suicidal.)


Saturday I helped my wedding coordinator friend with a wedding. I worked the reception set up (along with the catering staff) while she was covering the ceremony. It was a beautiful day, so the couple lucked out (you never know in the bay).
Anyway, all went pretty smoothly until about 10 minutes before everyone was going to be called inside the dining room for dinner. My part was done and I was getting ready to leave. I stopped to grab a highchair for a man sitting at a table with a baby right before I left. As soon as we had figured out the straps for the seat (at which point the man said I must have children, and I told him that no, I actually don't), the fire alarm started going off. Most of the guests were out on the back patio already, and didn't know that this was going on. But, those inside were all ushered out of the building, and I shut the doors to the banquet hall so they wouldn't go back in, just in case the building was really on fire. You can't be too safe, right? Of course...I didn't realize that the doors automatically locked from the outside. Oops!!

I stood by one set of doors, letting people know why they couldn't go in (as I said, most of the guests that were outside already didn't know the alarm was going off). This included the bride - who took it very well! Luckily, the fireman that inspected and cleared the building opened the back door to tell us all we could come back in. Luckily we could, as he'd opened the door for us! And the bride and groom had the fireman pose for pictures with them. The fireman was a good sport. He announced that it was actually a set up (which it wasn't), and was pretty good-natured about it all. When the groom said to everyone, "okay, now he's going to strip," the fireman first said no, that wasn't going to happen, and then did a little shimmy move. It was quite amusing.
No one will be forgetting that wedding day!


Dagny said...

Friggin' wild turkeys! A couple of months ago, I went to check on my mom's house. As I was leaving, I noticed wild turkeys strolling across the neighbors yard. What is up with all the wild turkeys in the Bay?

Ummm. And were the firemen who showed up at the wedding cute? If they were, did you get some digits?

kerri said...

THOSE are some funny stories! :)
Makes me want to sing the "wild horses" song and change it to turkeys. LOL!

BellaKarma said...

You win best post of the week so far!

Christyn said...

Ya know, I didn't even hear the glass shattering on Friday, and I am next almost next to the window that looks out to the VP's window. I heard the boss yelling "OH MY GOD" though! :) We do have some suicidal turkeys around here!

As for the wedding..that's pretty funny! And YOU locked everyone out of the banquet hall?? HA HA! Ya know, when I looked at the table you took a pic looked a bit like how the table was set up for my wedding...that Kristin (and you) helped with...except I had the blue napkins arranged in the middle with the bowl w/the gerber daisy.

D.T. said...

Too bad the turkey didnt die. I'm sure it would have made a wonderful first course at the company potluck.

And I love the wedding story! Sounds like an episode of Wedding Crashers! You know they'll be telling that story to their grandkids for years to come...

Kristin said...

Turkeys, they are insane~!!

As for the wedding, great job on helping and stuff. Funny thing is that we knew more on the fire alarm then the bride/groom and guests. I wonder if they knew the caterers set it off by leaning back against it?

BellaKarma said...
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BellaKarma said...

I miss you. :(
Hope you're having a fabulous time in Boston. :)