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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

News Coverage

Hello everyone. Well, I had a busy weekend, volunteering at the playground build site for the "Matteo's Dream" project. Click here for a short video on the project. My friend Kristin has been putting in quite a bit of time at the build site, and is in 2 shots in here. (She's soaping screws and drilling. Yes, that's right...they gave her power tools!)

Here is an article from the San Francisco Chronicle from Saturday. There were lots of photographer's swarming around the place both days. One of them took a few shots of me up on a ladder, sanding away at one of the tower roofs. (It didn't make it into anything, as far as I know.)

Aside from the work on the ladder, I was mostly on painting duty on Saturday, covering little blocks of Trex in blue paint. I don't know where they're actually ending up though. I'm going to have to go back and visit the playground just to see. I also sanded some wooden shapes (stars and planets) and worked on priming and painting those as well. I got to work with my friend Kristin on that part of it, as well as little Matteo's grandmother LaVerne. She's a kick.

Sunday I was working on the tile mosaic, which is huge. That was kind of fun, and something I'd never done before. I laid a group of teal tile bits into a flower petal-like shape, and am curious how the whole thing (again, this is huge) will turn out. They are still working on it, and a few other parts of the park as well. So, if anyone still wants to volunteer at all, they can still use you! The grand opening is set for May 16th at 6:30pm.

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Kristin said...

Tami, thanks so much for all the time you spent on the project. It was fun to do and I may still do some more. I will go to the opening or what ever it is called.