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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Worthy Cause

Hello all you philanthropic locals! (Said in the hope that any locals might be reading...)

A friend of mine is involved with the Walnut Festival in Walnut Creek, CA and she sent out an announcement regarding a really neat project that is going on in Concord. The city will soon be the home of a unique (and much needed, soon to be very appreciated by parents and children) playground for children of all abilities. This will be a playground that has play equipment that is accessible for all children, be they blind, deaf, wheelchair bound or able bodied.

Read about this project, called "Matteo's Dream," here. This playground is being built exclusively by volunteers. If you want to help out, please visit this site. The goal is complete the building by the end of this Sunday. If you can't commit to a time, you can also just show up. They can use all the help they can get, skilled or unskilled. You can also donate in a number of other ways (details in the 2nd link).

Please spread the word about this awesome project. Thank you!!


kerri said...

Awesome cause for kids with disabilities. :)

D.T. said...

It's Monday, the day did everything go?!

Jill said...

This isn't a reply to your post ... but it's something Marissa wanted me to tell you:

Me: "Tammy is bidding on your book on eBay."

Marissa: "Tami! I LOVE Tami! She's so awesome! I read her blog all the time!"

Me: ...

Me: "Are we talkin' about the same Tammy?"

Marissa: "Yes, Tami!"

Now here's the deal: Tammy is really cool...but I just added her blog ... and Marissa usually takes a while to warm up to anyone...

Me: "Do you mean Crochet Tami?"

Marissa: "No."


Me: "I mean, Tami's Musings."

Marissa: "Yes! She's awesome! Tell her I said so!"

So there you go. :)

Tami said...

Jill, you totally made me laugh out loud!!