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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vacation Recap

Okay, so I've updated you all on the first half of my vacation. Here's the update on the rest.

I already mentioned that we went to the Aquarium on Sunday afternoon. I got some cool photos (or at least I thought they came out cool):

The beluga whales were entertaining. Showing off for the humans, according to the presenter.

I can't remember what these are called. I just snapped the photos without writing stuff down (I'd never be able to remember what was what anyway). I have way more photos, but haven't finished messing with them yet.

The kids were back in school on Monday, so Lilibet, her sister, Kerri and I all went to tour an old plantation home in Roswell. We ended up taking two cars, since Lilibet had to take off at 2pm to pick up the twins from school. We missed the 1pm tour, so Lilibet actually missed that part, but the outbuildings were the self-guided part of the tour, so at least she was able to see those. No one else showed up for the 2pm tour, so it was pretty much a private tour without the extra expense. Since it was just us 3 girls, the tour was pretty informal, and I actually was chatting with the tour guide about the Titanic exhibit before we started. (She was reading a book about Titanic, so I just started blabbing, and she was mentioning that the huge Titanic museum is located in Atlanta. Too bad we didn't have time for that much sightseeing!) Here's me and Kerri with Lil and our godson David on the front porch of the plantation home.

After the tour, Kerri and Roz and I hit a cute little cafe in Roswell on an old street lined with antique-y type shops. It was a cute little spot and I noticed it had a pressed tin ceiling (weird that I notice things like that). Then it was back to the house to spend more time with Lilibet and the kids.

We didn't have much time to do anything on Tuesday morning, so we ran out for coffee quickly before Kerri and I had to leave for the airport. It was a good trip, though it felt like it was too short. (Don't they always?) It did feel great to spend almost a full week free of stress. And honestly, that much time stress-free does wonders for the attitude! I just hope it lasts for a while before the stress takes over again.

The funny thing is that after my WW weigh in (blah - vacation gain), I stopped at the Thai place to get some take out, and the woman that seems to run the place (she is always behind the counter) told me I looked better today and asked if I'd been staying home! (She mentioned last time I was there that I looked tired, and I was, since I'd worked late that night.) She's funny, and always recognizes me and chats for a while. Today before I left with my finished order, she laughed and told me she loves talking to me! I feel sort of bad, since with her strong accent, I only understand about half of what she says, but we still manage to have a decent dialogue. Anyway, she told me I looked fresh and rested today, and we had a good laugh when I told her I just got back from a vacation. Funny how that conversation perked me up a bit after I was getting annoyed at myself over gaining during my absence.


Dagny said...

Hmmm. I am always more fascinated by the outer buildings at old plantations than the main house. Perhaps it's in knowing that some of my people could have lived there. Because how "Miss Anne" lives? We've all seen that enough times.

And sorry if that rubs you the wrong way, but that's my view of the South. Plantations? Pretty places until you have to stop to think how everyone lived there.

Jill said...

You know Tami, stress is a major factor for us gaining weight (and it all settles in the tummy, so I was told). So I'm sure that whatever little you gained while on vacation will burn off quickly during this de-stressful time. :)

Joie said...

Those were great photos! I especially loved the beluga whale. He's so cute. And I've seen those things that stand up out of the sand before too, and I can't remember what they are either. I think I saw them at the Steinhart Aquarium. I love how if you get to close they disappear down into the sand in a flash. Heehee...

Sounds like a wonderful trip with some cool sightseeing!! I'm glad you had fun!

Fluffycat said...

It's cool how someone you don't know that well can notice the difference in you like that. Even if you don't have a great weigh-in after a vacation, being relaxed is a great thing. Good that you had a good time.

Kristy said...

Hi Tami! Your vacation looks like such fun.

Did you receive the Grandmother Purl squares and your prize package? I've sent you a couple of emails but didn't hear from you. Just starting to worry...