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Thursday, May 04, 2006


(Okay, so technically, it's not Friday until tomorrow. But, I'm assuming that my vast readership, all 5 of you, will not read this tonight...)


I spoke to my mother last night, and she confirmed that she and my step-father are definitely coming up this Saturday with the couch and the kitty. Yay! Gracie's coming! (That's the cat.) And yay!! The ugliest couches ever made are leaving!! (Of course, I need to call the Salvation Army and make sure they'll accept them...)

And in preparation, tomorrow night will be spent in fervent bursts of random cleaning activities.

Recap of Today

So, they say you learn something new every day. I guess "they" are right. I was all worried about going in for the permanent crown today, because I was afraid I'd pass out again, even without the epinephrine. Um, but apparently, the procedure doesn't require any anesthetic, so I was all worried about nothing.

But, I didn't end up getting the permanent crown on anyway, since I've been having the aching in my gums. The dentist and endodontist thought I should wait 2 more weeks to see if the pain stopped or got worse. If it gets worse, I'll need a root canal. If it stays the same (and I think I can live with it), I don't need one. So, I'm back there on the 18th, and I've still got the funky plastic tooth in my mouth.

More than you wanted to know? I thought so...


Dagny said...

*sigh* I hate those temporary crowns. Congrats on getting the new couch and cat.

Kerri said...

Yay! Gracie's coming! A plastic tooth? Really? Ugh. :{ And yeah, TGIF!