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Thursday, July 20, 2006

As you all know, I have been preparing all week for my friend's bridal shower, which is Saturday. The other day, I took a trip to Staples for printer ink, as my color cartridge light on the printer has been blinking red for the past two weeks. Easy to ignore, when not printing much, but I wanted to make up some sticker labels for the favors and a sign to explain the honeymoon tree. So, I figured to snazz it up a bit, I'd do some schmancy color printing. And even though my printer is one of my parents' old cast-offs, it still prints amazingly well.

Unfortunately, I don't think they make that model anymore, so while flipping through the "find your correct ink cartridge" pamphlets in Staples, my printer is nowhere to be found. I remembered this also being the case a few years ago, which was the last time I had to buy ink. I chose what seemed like the closest model match, made my purchase (why is ink so expensive?) and also picked up a PrintMaster program that was on clearance for $8. (It's an old version of PrintMaster, but it was only $8, and the computer is old anyway…and I've been meaning to get a new print shop program for a while.)

Fast forward to last night, when I installed the print shop program and was messing around with the fun stuff contained therein. First off, I was quite impressed with how well the program ran on my computer, since it's so old and slow, and full of programs I should probably uninstall. I was ready to print the test project I'd made up for the honeymoon tree, and opened up the printer to change the color ink cartridge… First thing I notice is that the model number of the cartridges don't match. So, being the apparent moron that I am, I unseal and unwrap the cartridge, ensuring that I cannot return it if it is the wrong type - which makes no sense, as I had just confirmed that it was not the same as the old cartridge…but it was late, I was tired, and oh yeah, did I mention the moron thing? So, I pull out the old cartridge and notice that the new one has these plastic tabs on the sides, that the old one does not possess… Like I needed more evidence that it was the wrong type. No, I don't give up that easily, do I? I attempt to fit the new cartridge into the printer, and it almost fits. Now, you and I know full well that almost is not going to work. So, what do I do? I remove the yellow sticker tab and attempt to close the cartridge into the slot (or whatever you'd call it…cell?). Duh moron, it's not going to work!! Don't worry though, even my stupidity has limits. I didn't press hard enough on the top to break either the cartridge or the printer.

By now it's 11pm, which I know because Will & Grace has already started on the TV behind me and I know I really should have already been in bed for a half hour. And I still have to scoop out Gracie's litter box (this really can't wait). There's a reason I am always late to work. Well, to anything really. Anyway, I figure I'm already out $25 for the color cartridge, but I can still take back the black ink I had also purchased, and not go through this again. So, I find the receipt and the unopened black cartridge and throw it in my bag to take to work. --What is wrong with me people? Will I never learn? Why did I open the first cartridge to start with??? I think in the back of my head I thought it possible that they'd changed the cartridges and it might still work - quite a long shot.

And today is the 4th day I have to look at the same freakin' crocheted filet fairy on my crochet-a-day calendar…this is getting out of hand. (And yes, I know it has nothing to do with ink. Or my stupidity.)

But in happy news, I figured out what dessert to make for the shower - Lemonade Angel Cupcakes with Lemonade Frosting, from Cupcakes! From the Cake Mix Doctor. (I love her cookbooks. I have 3.)


Joie said...

Oh my goodness those cupcakes sound good. Please send recepie!!

And as for the ink. We all do dumb-dumbs sometimes. Consider Craigs Listing it for a little under market value. I bet someone would love to buy cheaper ink. If you are feeling totally benevolent, look into freecycling. But then you have to give it away for free.

So is there ink out there for you or are you SOL??

Tami said...

There is ink out there I think. Ink, I think...I'm a dink. Oh crap, there must be more caffeine in this tea than I thought!! I am pretty sure they still carry the same # (SObunch of numbers) that are listed on the cartridges in the printer...of course, I forgot to write them down and bring them with me...

And I brought the opened cartridge too, in case they have some use for it. You know, on the off chance that it works in any of their display models (doubtful!!)

Joie said...

Heehee. Tami thinks she's Dr. Seuss!!

it sounds suspiciously like my fav poem from One Fish, Two Fish... The Yink. who likes to wink and drink pink ink....

I hope you easily find your ink! Good luck!

kerri said...

Dr. Seuss RULES! Have I had those cupcakes before? I could have sworn... Maybe it's just wishful thinking.

Sorry about the ink, I wish I knew of something that could help.

Also sorry about the lame crochet fairy calender, but you have to admit that it is pretty funny.

Only you, Tami. It would only happen to you. :)

Dagny said...

Hope you were able to find some ink.