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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am halfway up the hill...

And inching closer to the other side every minute. Here are the top reasons I know I'm getting old:

1. My youngest full sibling is turning 25 next week

2. Songs from my childhood are now being played on the oldies station

3. Songs from my childhood are now being remade by new artists, and kids think they're new songs.

4. I get irritated when people in the community pool are making noise after 10:30pm.

5. I had to stop myself from saying the following to a friend's child the other day. "I haven't seen you since you were this big!" (I caught myself after "since you" in horror - I used to hate it when adults said that to me!!)

6. I realized the other day that the Golden Girls were only 20-30 years older than I am now. (I know it's a lot, but it hit me anyway!)

7. My metabolism has slowed drastically (or that's what I'm blaming the constant need to diet on)

8. I find myself having to explain pop culture references from my childhood to my younger friends

9. I remember UHF/VHF and having to walk to the TV to turn it on.

10. White/gray hairs are popping up here and there...and they hide well in my hair - but they're there...taunting me with their evasiveness

11. When I was in high school, there were no cell phones. There were car phones, that were huge and were carried around in big cases that looked like camera bags, and few people had them. (There is no way you could lose one in your purse)

12. The internet was in its infancy when I started college...and if it shut down in this day and age, most businesses would shut down with it.

13. When I say "back in the day," I am not referring to last month.

14. I am completely out of touch with the current slang (except for "Snakes on a Plane!" - Thanks CAP!)

15. I remember when The Simpsons was a short sketch on the Tracy Ullman Show.

16. When I was little, there was only one MTV, and it actually played music videos.

17. My father is turning 60!

Okay, there's lots more, but it's past my bedtime now (another sign of my advancing years), so I'll toddle off to bed now.


Joie said...

Oh posh.

You are not old!! I say that because I am a year older than you and I refuse to be old. So there!

And besides my parents have been 60 for a while and so have my husbands, and he's younger than you!!!!


Did I say be old...I meant grow up...whatever!

Margaret said...

I used to have one of the giant bag phones in highschool, I wasn't supposed to actually talk on it. It was there in case my ancient vehicle broke down. I hadn't thought of how old that makes me feel.

Madame DeBarge said...

While I'm rather close to your youngest sibling's age, I remember quite a few of those things.
My dad had a car phone actually installed in his car, but I think my stepmother still has her bag phone. She kept it long after cell phones stopped being three times the size of one's head. Because, hey, it still worked, why upgrade?

Dagny said...

Scary is when the gray/white hairs start showing up in other places besides your head. Fortunately my older cousin warned me about this years ago. Well, it wasn't so much a warning as it was a complete meltdown.

Christyn said...

Man, thanks for making me feel OLD too..and I'm 2yrs younger than old fart!! :) My dad turned 60 before yours too. I can't believe he's THAT old..but now that I look at it...he isn't THAT old....b/c now I'm closer to it and almost 1/2 way there ( you!).

We had those huge cell phones too. When I see Saved By The Bell on TV (that's aging me too), and I see Zack with his huge gray phone, it brings back sweet memories of my younger years! By high school they were the Motorola flip phones.

And speaking of huge phones...heck we had the huge computers with the huge diskettes that were the size of a record. I used to format disks for my dad at $.05 a pop..and heck..that was a lot of money in the early 80's...for a kid!

OK I'm off! Hope you have a great weekend. And honestly, Tami, you aren't that old..and neither am I. We BOTH look like we are in our early 20's! :) Let's go to a bar and get carded..that'll make our day, right? :)

Kerri said...

OMG, I was just talking about this the other day. I feel ya.
--I had to explain to a 17 y.o. hair bands and Bon Jovi songs!!!
--Her mother is 37. 37!!!! Ugh. That's 5 years older than me, and my sisters age! Ugh.
--We were both repulsed by the fact that I *could technically be* her *very young* mother! Ugh.

(And I so remember the Simpsons on Tracy Ulman too).

Secret Pal said...

Oh, you're not so old. Come back and talk to me when your youngest sibling turns 30 and your dad is pushing 70. :)

D.T. said...

That is

LOL! I'm kidding.

I remember I took my little niece to go see Ella Enchanted and when they started singing "Dont go breakin' my heart..." I was like, wow this is a cool song.

Of course I found later it was the number two song in 1976 and that Elton and Kiki already did a cover.

And not to make fun or anything, but what the heck is UHF/VHF?! Is that the movie by Weird Al?

kerri said...

Oh, d.t., d.t.... See now? UHF and VHF were DIALS on the television. One was on the top and one was on the bottom. Good old fashioned channel changing. (I can't say I miss that).

And no Tami, in case I forgot to say it, you are not old!

Tami said...

Joie - Who said anything about growing up?

Margaret - you must have been one of the cool kids. :) My Dad had one in his car, and rarely used it.

Madame DeBarge - If it ain't broke... (That's why I held on to my 1st cell phone for so long...)

Dagny - none of those yet...

Christyn - I love getting carded. Unfortunately, I am rarely in a position for it to happen!

Kerri - Holy Crap! Don't you hate that? (Though her mom had her pretty young.)

Secret Pal - I'll catch you in 5 years then...Of course somehow having a 2 year old little brother (half-sib) also makes me feel old. (It really makes my Dad feel old.)

D.T. - I REALLY feel old...AND have the UHF theme song in my head. VHF/UHF...back when there were only 3 major networks, and no one had cable. (Well, not that many people...and there weren't 500 channels if they did)