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Friday, July 28, 2006

In Memorium

Theresa Jane Alteri


7/28/73 - 5/10/92

Beloved daughter, sister and friend

You are missed


Okay, so blogger is being uncooperative, and not letting me post the photos that I had planned to post. I found some old shots of my sister and her horse, and a couple of things from a family trip to FL. I guess I will post those later, with some reminiscing. But, I wanted to post this little memorial today, since it would have been Terri's 33rd birthday.

It's weird to realize that I've lived almost 15 years longer than my sister, and that my youngest sibling (the 2 year old) will grow up never having known her. So, for a little time today, I'm giving in to my melancholy and shedding a tear or two. But, I know I'm not crying for her anymore. She's in a better place. I cry for myself and the empty space that she used to occupy in my heart. Even though we didn't always get along (siblings will be siblings), as a child I took it for granted that she (and the rest of the family) would always be around. And I think about her still, almost every day.


Joie said...

If you need me, I'm here.

What you wrote is beautiful.

I hope your memories are pleasant and that your melancholy passes as quickly as it can.

You're in our prayers.

Thomas said...

I'll say a prayer too.

Caitlin said...

Ahhh Tami.. You made me cry. I can't imagine how hard it must of been and still is to not have your sister here :( My mom lost her youngest sister to breast cancer when my aunt was only 37 and my mom says that she still thinks of her every day and it has been over 20 years. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you Tami and your sister would be really proud of you :)

Dagny said...

I can kind of understand what you're going through. I lost a stepbrother in the 80s when I was in college. He was six months older than I. I sometimes wonder what kind of person he would have been now.

You wrote some beautiful words.

bwb said...

Tami - thanks for sharing the rememberance - sorry for your loss.. your words are beautiful and moving....

Anonymous said...

I am glad I did not read this on Friday, since I shed more than a tear or two. You and she are in my prayers.

kerri said...

Happy Birthday Terri. You're family misses you, and your brothers and sisters grew into awesome inviduals!

(((HUGS TAMI)))) And (((TAMI'S FAMILY)))

I love you guys. :(

Tami said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. :)

Stephen said...


U probably dont remember me.Im Terri's friend from Gilroy.Its been a long time since she passed and I also dont go a day without thinking about her and would not have it any other way(she keeps me strong). Ive carried her picture with me since the day she left for Sacramento. Its wierd to see you grown up. I was in Sac a few weeks ago and went to see Terri it felt good to be around her again and I even left horses for her like she had in her room. I think of your family often and was going to go see your parents but was scared. Your sister will never be forgotten she has left happiness in alot of peoples hearts. I miss her and her favorite horse Dawn Sundance. She taught me alot in a short time. Im always thinkin bout you andyour family.

With prayers and Love