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Monday, July 17, 2006

Wedding Season

Yep, it's that time of year again...kicked it off with my cousin's wedding last month. Now, it's prep time for another one...local this time. I'm throwing 2 showers for the bride (I was planning on throwing one, but no one else volunteered to do it for her family aside from her aunt - who she absolutely did NOT want to plan it, so she was going to host it herself. That just wasn't acceptable, so I stepped up. I'm too nice sometimes.)

Anyway, the first shower, which is mostly the younger crowd, is this weekend at the bride's house. I'm trying to go a bit more non-traditional, so I thought it would be fun to have a pinata. I found a cute little turtle today at the party store, on sale (bonus for me, since I was going to buy it anyway!). So, I found some candy and little gifties to put inside - gotta love the dollar section at Michael's! - and borrowed a rope from a co-worker. I think it'll be fun. (Besides, why should kids get all the fun?) And yes, I made sure the idea worked for the bride before buying everything.

So this week I'm tying up loose ends for this weekend's shower. That would pretty much be all the ends, aside from having invited people. Why am I such a procrastinator? I finally decided (TODAY) what to do for favors. I found these cute little multi-colored take-out containers at one craft store, and plastic multi-colored shot glasses at another, and here's what I came up with. I think they're cute, but naked. I need to buy a new ink cartridge for my computer, and then I think I'll print up some kind of label. I don't know, any ideas?

Now...I have to organize some good games (aside from the pinata). I have a few ideas. And I need to delegate some more of the food prep (very unlike me not to have the food planned out by now).


Kerri said...

Yep. My wedding season already passed this summer. :-/ I feel your pain.

I LOVE YOUR DECORATIONS! And somehow, I think you'll be fine in the games dept. You always are.

Have fun!

Dagny said...

I love the party favor. So different.

D.T. said...

That piƱata totally reminds me of those cute little light-up bugs in the Disney Electrical Parade! You should probably make the theme a garden theme with lights, gerber daisies, all that cutesey girl stuff. And from what I see, I think you got a pretty good start!

Joie said...

I know everybody at my shower loved the purse scavenger hunt.
Love the pinata, totally cute.
As for labels for the favors, you could just use stickers. (less work) or just tie ribbons on the handles. Or even just hand write if there aren't too many.

Have fun!
You'll do great. You're the best shower planner I know!

Tami said...

Thanks Joie! (Though admit it, you're a bit biased...) I'm not killing myself as much for this one, since I don't have to attempt to outdo any mothers-in-law.

D.T. - I'm forgoing a theme, and just throwing together fun stuff. Simpler that way. And the bride really isn't much of a girly-girl.

Kerri - I was worrying about games last night, and then realized that I'd mostly figured them all out, just hadn't written them down. The things I do to cause myself uneccesary stress...

Caitlin said...

Who is the shower for? Are you in the wedding? What a nice friend you are

Buffy said...

Wedding season always makes me feel old.