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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Busy Bee

It was a busy weekend...

Yet another of my college friends is moving this week, and this weekend was their last in town. So, Saturday I hung out with her and her 3 kids (4 year old twins and 9mo old infant). I'm sad to see them go - it seems like everyone is moving lately.

So...I'm in the living room with the kids and my friend was in the other room, and her daughter looks at me and starts firing off some questions... "Where's Fred? Do you live with him? Does he not talk to you anymore?" (No, it wasn't so rapid fire as that, and I did explain that he wasn't visiting.) Ouch... I wouldn't have expected them to wonder where he was. He wasn't around the last few times I've seen them, and they never asked about it before. And now it's been almost 5 months that we've been apart. It was a little weird. It made me tear up a bit, but I pulled it together. He was great with those kids though - which is why I was expecting them not to bring it up now, since they hadn't before.

And I still haven't received a response from Fred after my last e-mail. What is he waiting for? Is he trying to piss me off more?


Secret Pal said...

I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old. Trust me, kids this age are masters at dragging up old painful stuff that you would dearly love to keep buried forever. Recently, my son asked me why I'm not friends with his dad's mistress/new wife. Talk about your spit-take.

If I could be done with him for the price of shipping on a barbeque, I would pay it in a heartbeat. So I guess it's all relative. :)

Joie said...


Sorry for the wound opening.
And yeah, kids don't do it on purpose, but they somehow have the ability to hit on tender topics and at totally random times.

And I would say that he's not doing it on purpose. At least not like I would mean that. He's being his typically (since the breakup at least) oblivious, egocentric self.

Tami said...

True...and again, can't ship the barbecue even if I wanted to - he never gave me his new address. I think Kerri is right - he is holding onto my crap (and leaving his with me) as a subconcious way to keep some type of connection. Lame-o.

Dagny said...

Kids have memories like elephants.

Also Fred is busy living in his own world. In this world, getting your stuff to you is not of any great importance. Of course, you have already figured that out.

Tami said...

Dagny - out of sight out of mind. I need to stop overanalyzing and realize that there's probably no hidden meaning behind Fred's action, as duh - he's a guy...and to have hidden meanings would require depth of thought.

kerri said...

It's L's kids. I'm not surprised. :) She mean's no harm, she just 4, and curious. You KNOW kids ask me all sorts of touchy questions all the time. Anyway, I'm with your secret pal. Personally, if sending the BBQ means being able to move on AND remind him to send your stuff, I'd do it in a heartbeat. So, since you can't mail it to him, I'd email him, give him a date, and if he don't pick it up, too bad for him. Trash it. And I don't think he's holding on to it consciously, I think it's all unconscious passive aggressive behavior. (Yes, I was a counseling major)

kerri said...

I meant "doesn't pick it up"--Nice English. It was a typo I swear.

Tami said...

I know the child meant no harm - it was an observation.

And if it comes down to it really, I am too practical to chuck the bbq...I'd probably just start using it.