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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

busy, busy

Aside from my last minute shower plans (which are coming along nicely...I've delegated food to a few unsuspecting, I mean generous guests. It's their fault, they volunteered!), I am rather swamped at work! So, today's will be a short post. And you all (you know, all 5 of my loyal readers) can blame or thank Christyn for this one...

In my profession, I see a lot of "interesting" names cross my desk. Christyn found this site that lists quite a few odd ones...none of which have crossed my desk...but I've seen similar ones. I haven't had much time to peruse all of the pages yet, (hit the home button to get more links), but this was a good one.

Oh, and my Crochet Pattern-a-Day calendar has been on the same pattern for 3 whole days. I feel cheated... Do I expect too much?

Now, back to work.


Kerri said...

I liked this comment:

Please, someone, HELP! My husband and I are having a horrible dilemma on names. For girls, I like Brielle, Ashlynn, Brooklynn, and Madelyn, and he likes TIFFANY. He refuses to bend!! I don't really mind it, but it was never one of my favorites. What do you think of Tiffany??

She's okay, but Debbie Gibson could write her own songs.


And now I have "Only in my Dreams" and "I Think We're Alone Now" in my head. :))

Off to read more, but it is true that parents can be very cruel when naming their children.

D.T. said...

Great site recommendation! The comments are totally hilarious. Thanks for the head's up!