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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stick a Fork in Me

I'm done. I don't think I could possibly get any hotter than I was today. And no, that's not a sudden unexpected burst of self-esteem. Here's the weather from 4:53pm today...

Current Conditions
Reported from Concord 07/23/2006 7:53 PM EDT

Temperature: 112°F 44°C
Conditions: Fair
Winds: NNW 14 MPH NNW 23 KPH
Relative Humidity: 17%
Barometer: 29.69 Falling
Feels Like: 111°F n/a
- Oh good! It feels like it's only 111!

Anyway, did I mention that my apartment doesn't have air conditioning? And that my car's a/c is broken? And that it was 112 degrees??? (Oh yeah, I did mention that part.) I felt like a walking ball of sweat in human form. Except for the 10 minutes I was in Starbucks and the hour I was in the library (why did I come home??). Sadly, I actually drove to church with paper towels in my car so I could wipe off the sweat that was dripping down my face and chest before heading into the building (which is also not air conditioned). Somehow, that made me feel old. And all those people that say that dry heat is better than wet heat...they need to come sit in my apartment for an hour and then tell me what they think. There's even a High Heat Advisory warning, telling people to stay in an air conditioned room. (Might be nice to have one of those.)

The shower was yesterday, when it was cooler. Yep, according to my friend's car readout, it was only 111 yesterday... Though it may have actually been 107, since she says the car's readout is usually 4 or so degrees off. Luckily, the bride's house is air conditioned. (Another reason we didn't have the shower at my place. Of course, even though the air conditioner was on and set to 74, it wouldn't cool off to less than 85, and it was hot inside. But still much, much better than outside!

But, because I'm evil I guess, we still headed outside for the pinata. And the shower went well, despite the heat. And despite the fact that I forgot to bring the favors with me...yeah, that's right...I left the favors that I was so proud of in a little bag by my front door. And that's where they remain... (And this is why I'm not a professional party planner...last year I forgot the big bag of baby shower games and decorations for my friend's baby shower that I was least then I was able to get the boyfriend to go back for it. Couldn't do that yesterday.) So, I'll get the favors to people later.

Very few people bothered with the dessert I made. :( (I didn't do a very structured shower, and people ended up having to leave before I could really mention the desserts). But, the bride loved them, and wants me to make them for the next shower too. Next time, I think I'll substitute raspberry lemonade for regular, for a twist (it's actually mentioned in the book as a variation).

Next weekend is the other shower I'm planning for the same bride. This one will have more structure, but less work. It's at a restaurant, so I don't have to worry about feeding people. I just need to call the place, once the bride gives me the contact's name, and make sure it's okay to bring in my own dessert. (You never know...)

And I lied in my last post. I just didn't know I was lying when I did it. Apparently my printer does not do a good job of printing. I was able to return the wrong ink (they gave me store credit even though the manager said they weren't supposed to - sometimes good things do happen to good people!), and replaced the color cartridge in the printer. The ink light wasn't flashing for the black cartridge, so I figured I would replace that when it ran out. Well, I went to print out the sign I made, complete with photo of bride and groom, and it printed all in pink. The blue (cyan, I guess) part of the three color cartridge wasn't firing. So, I cleaned the print heads and tried again. All the color stuff came out fine, only now the black ink wasn't firing. And it's still not. So, after all that, I managed to print an abbreviated version of the sign using dark blue ink. And I can't change the black cartridge, because my printer sucks and thinks it knows better than humans (I can't position the cartridges to where I need them unless the bleeping empty ink light is flashing). Stupid machines!!

Next weekend is the other shower I'm planning for the same bride. This one will have more structure, but less work. It's at a restaurant, so I don't have to worry about feeding people.


Dagny said...

As I sat sipping beer this evening, I decided to check the internet on my cellphone. At 9:30 p.m. it was 76 degrees in Berkeley. What is up with that? We are lucky most days to get that kind of temperature in the day.

Christyn said...

Only 112?? JK! It was 106 here in Rohnert Park/Santa Rosa...and the shower I went to sucked..and it was hot! BLAH! At least I was able to come home and jump in the pool! (sigh!) Oh..and then sprain my ankle....and later go to the hospital! FUN! LOL JK! Glad your shower went well dispite the heat. Oh....I just realized I left my favor (See's candy) from the shower I went my car...that's gotta be yummy and gooey!!
Hope you have a great day! Talk to you later..and see you Tuesday. I'm leaving my foot elevated on Monday, so I won't be in. :(

Joie said...


I'm sorry. And I was complaining a while back when we were in the low 100's.
Right now we are repulsively in the 90's with eriodic rain showers. And no, we don't have wet heat, it evaporates too fast. I am living in an arid area!! Wheee! And I have no water today, the city is working on the main!! Better here than there though.

Glad your shower went well. Are you interested in a new printer??

And melted chocolate can be refridgerated to firm it up, but it will often turn a little white. It's still ok, it has something to do with the cocoa butter in it.

Christyn said...

I'm sure See's candy is good in any way shape or form! Including melted. LOL :)

Christyn said...

You said, "Stick a Fork in Me"...can I stick a thermometer in you? LOL That might be funnier. JK! (Oh the horror!!)My mom has stories about when I was little, but I'll refrain from telling the story. LOL
I believe are so so are about to melt. Thank goodness you don't wear may look like Tammy Fay Baker! HA HA (and to think that when I thought of her and her makeup melting...I didn't think about her name being the same as yours!!! (diff spelling of course!)

Tami said...

Um...Christyn...I've been meaning to talk to you about the misuse of those pain meds... hehehehe...

And I HATE the Tammy Faye reference. Might be one of the reasons I never got into makeup! (Actually, not really)