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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Plants & Progress


A few days ago, I attempted the impossible (for me). I actually replanted the morning glories that I started from seed. Okay, the impossible part of it really is the part in which this plant has not yet died. I have the blackest thumb ever, and am amazed that I have not yet managed to kill this plant (or the lemon tree out on my balcony, for that matter). I guess it helps that morning glories grow like very pretty weeds... Even so, I'm still impressed that it's still alive. So, here's a picture of the plant before the re-potting.

And here it is after. I was afraid that I tore too much of the root structure when I pried it out of the tiny pot, so I threw a few more of the seeds in the pot after I piled the new dirt over the stumpy roots. And they've already sprouted. So, I am predicting good things for this plant...which might be my downfall. I should have learned by now not to be so optimistic, right? Oh...and the greatest part? This was from a $1 grow kit from Target!


I've been on a roll since the knitting class. I finished the scarf that I started while in class, and need to block it to give it a normal shape. While I haven't gotten to that yet, I did manage to hit the craft store and get some new yarn and chunky needles. And with a little inspiration from crazy aunt purl (on whose site I spend WAY too much time...), I started this scarf -------------------------->>> The pattern is a takeoff on the pattern halfway down this post, and so far is coming out great!

Ah.....I'm so easily amused...and impressed by myself.


Joie said...

Ooohh pretty scarf.

Neat stuff!!

Did you ever get those vintage patterns off ebay I emailed you. Off subject I know.

As for the plants, after transplantation figure about a day, maybe two before you would see shock in the plants. In that time, try to avoid any extremes of temp, and make sure it has some water. It looks good.

Some shock and root loss is normal with transplantation. For next time, the trick to avoiding as much damage as possible lies in running a knife or a skinny trowel around the edge of the pot to loosen it, and then tipping the plant out upside-down into your hand. It takes practice and doesn't always work. Hope that doesn't sound "know-it-all"! Just sharing what I know.

Tami said...

It's been a couple of days already, and I'm already seeing new growth in the transplanted vines. So, I'm hopeful. And yeah...I thought about running a butter knife around the edge of the pot after I'd already done the damage...

I didn't get the vintage patterns off ebay...but thanks for looking out for me! I'm always open for suggestions of cool stuff.

Joie said...


When I said "get", I meant recieved email, not bought item.

I thought they were pretty cool and wondered what you thought.

I'll keep an eye out for cool ones.

Secret Pal said...

Pretty scarf, and nice job on the transplant! Morning glories are so pretty. I usually grow them on my fence but I forgot to buy the seeds this year.

Dagny said...

Oooo. Morning glories. Cool.