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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Addiction

Okay, so I broke down the other day and bought the Weezer CD, Make Believe. I usually don't buy a CD unless there are 3 or more songs on it that I know I like (I'm cheap and like to get my money's worth). But, I was so into the song "Perfect Situation," which they hardly ever play on the radio (I think I only heard it two or three times), that I decided I had to buy it.

And I am now addicted. It has been playing almost non-stop in my car since I got it. I did not expect to enjoy it this much - more upbeat than I had expected. Happy surprise! And after visiting their website, I see that one of the current members is from Buffalo (extra points!) and one of the past members is from Syracuse (more extra points!).

I feel like I'm jumping on the bandwagon rather late they've been around over 10 years, and I've always liked the songs of theirs that got air play. So, what took me so long? Oh well, I always was a late bloomer.

(And isn't that Scott Bell cute?)

Funny thing I'm on my way home from work yesterday, I'm singing along to We Are All on Drugs (doesn't sound like a song I'd be that into, does it? But it's really catchy!) while driving along the local notorious speedtrap. I see a cop car ahead that's pulled over 2 drivers, and think wouldn't it just be my luck to be pulled over while rocking out to a song about everyone doing drugs? My head was filled with visions of me in a police station being made to take all kinds of tox screens...(which I would agree to, knowing I am 100% clean). No worries though - I was not speeding and didn't get stopped.

Speaking of addictions...I am so addicted to online quizzes. It is not funny. Stop laughing! It's making me wonder if I've got an addictive personality or something (man, good thing I don't drink). And, since I'm on the music theme right now, here's the latest little quizzie that relates:

Your Taste in Music:

80's Pop: Highest Influence
90's Rock: Highest Influence
90's Pop: High Influence
80's Alternative: Medium Influence
80's R&B: Medium Influence
80's Rock: Medium Influence
90's R&B: Medium Influence
Adult Alternative: Medium Influence
Alternative Rock: Medium Influence
Classic Rock: Medium Influence
Hair Bands: Medium Influence
90's Alternative: Low Influence
Old School Hip Hop: Low Influence


caitlin said...

Tami have you ever done a Sudoku puzzle ? If so, what do you think?

Tami said...

I think that many numbers in front of me is dizzying...but I have done one or two...

Tami said...

Oh, and Cait? Could you be any more random?? :D

kerri said...

My mom is addicted to Sodoku. You guys should chat. Seriously. I call her "junkie". And yeah, uh, random.

On topic...WEEZER!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!:D I need their CD too.
I know where you got that quiz from. ;)
To see my results, visit my myspace page.

Joie said...

Continuing the randomness...

I hate number puzzles, but my mom too is a sudoku junkie.

Haven't heard your listed songs. :(
But that's ok, I am currently crazy for Shakira!

kerri said...

I LOVE that Shakira song too! And I hate number puzzles too! high five!

Christyn said...

I love Soduko!! I was REALLY into it for a few weeks. It got kinda boring since they are all pretty much the same, but I still do them every now and then. I did like 3-4 puzzles each night while on vacation a few weeksa go.

Oh, and I showed Tami how to sorta do Soduko, here at work! LOL

Dagny said...

Fun quiz.

Caitlin said...

Sorry... i know I'm random but I was dying to know!!!!!