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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I love my family!

So, I told my dad via e-mail about the Fred situation, and how he (the ex) still seems to want to meet up to exchange's my Dad's response. "And, while we are on the subject of bastards, tell Fred to put all the stuff in the mail. Don't give in - what kind of a person would walk away from you???? Make him suffer."

I just gotta say - I love my Dad! And Mom's response was that Fred doesn't know anything about relationships, as he keeps on with this "let's meet up theme."

And now, because I really have nothing else to's a cute quiz I took the other day...I like this one!

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Joie said...

Did he email you back and ask to get together to echange stuff???? Whatever!

He's a poop and Andy thinks so too.

PS, Yes, you may link to my site

Tami said...

I did link to your site, Pinkie. I hope the weather has improved out there...

And yes, he responded saying that he could drop my stuff off with me, or we could meet "somewhere, there, or in the middle, or whatever." He also said that he can appreciate that I might not want to see him. Contradict yourself much? I don't want to see him unless he's crawling back, which isn't going to happen, so what's the point?

Joie said...

So you say: "Mail me my stuff."
And he says: " Uh, I can bring it to you, or we can meet, unless you don't want to see me."


He really doesn't get it. I am so sorry.

bwb said...

Interesting situation... what isn't there to understand in mail me my stuff... seems like a tough one for some of the fellows.. good luck

Dagny said...

Sometimes they need to be told stuff in a very direct manner -- like being bludgeoned, literally. Some men are just completely clueless. Speaking of which you should check out "Crazy for You" by Jennifer Crusie.

kerri said...

Idiot. I'm sorry. He's a seriously passive agressive man, who's in denial that he broke up with you and that he hurt your feelings, so he wants to make nice because he feels bad. Whatever. Don't back down.
You: You know my address, we've been through this, just mail me my stuff. I won't be meeting you.

I agree with everyone here.

P.S. I love what your dad had to say, and I got chocolate kisses too. :)

Secret Pal said...

Sounds like you can go on letting Fred get you all riled up periodically, or you can mail his stuff back to him, write off yours as a loss, and start moving on. Sadly, it seems that's about all there is left to do in this situation.

(I know that's tons easier said than done but it really does work out better for your sanity in the end.)

Tami said...

I can't mail his stuff back - he moved and didn't give me his new address. Plus, I refuse to pay the postage for his barbecue.

My plan is to have him drop off/pick up stuff on a day when I'm not going to be home. If he ever responds to that last e-mail, that is... I don't want to call him. It's easier for me to type stuff out to him than to speak it out loud. (I get quiet when I'm upset)

lu said...

...oh, this sounds familiar. I'm older, should be wiser, but I could tell you stories. He doesn't like the way he is reflected without you. He needs to look in that looking glass again. It's like that scene from Sinefield when George keeps needing to explain that he was in the pool, ...shrinkage. I tell you what, Your dad is right. Let him get a good hard look at himself with out you, make him live with actual size.

Tami said...

"Make him live with actual size." I like that Lu. If he doesn't like what he sees reflected without me, then it's no one's fault but his own. I am coming to terms with that. I know it wasn't me. Whether he believes it or not doesn't matter.

Christyn said...

Wow, I missed a lot while on vacation!! Jeez!! Maybe he's too damn cheap to send stuff in the mail...heck, does he even know what mail (USPS) is?? MORON!! You'll have to fill me in when I see you next week. At least he contacted you...that was a change!!
Hope you are doing well. I missed ya this week. Hope all went well at work. :) 5 more days of vacation (out of 11)!! See ya later!