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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Ack - I am flying out tomorrow morning! I'm a little nervous already. Not that I'm not excited to see that side of my family, or expect to have a bad trip, but I'm always a bit nervous before I fly. I still need to finish packing and throw stuff together to amuse myself on the plane (books and yarn...and books about yarn, seriously!).

I'm driving myself to the airport and don't need to be there until 10:55am, so I don't have to get up extra early or anything, as long as I finish the packing tonight. So, because I'm paranoid, I'm worried that I'll miss the exit for the airport and end up halfway across the state. Don't laugh, I've done it! (Okay, didn't end up halfway across the state...but did drive about 20+ minutes past my exit...and I was driving my aunt out there to catch a flight on my way to work, so I was also 40 minutes late to work! And I think my co-workers were okay with it, since they got to make fun of me for my lack of sense of direction.)

I also don't fly alone that often, which makes me a little more nervous. I've done it more than a few times over the years and have dealt with all obstacles fine, so I don't know why it still makes me worry. I'm a nutjob.

Anyway...wish me luck! (I think I may have asked for that yesterday too...oh well, I can use all the luck I can get, right?)


Christyn said...

Good Luck! :) We'll miss you, and will laugh at you if you miss your exit. If you drive into work tomorrow by mistake, we'll laugh even more! LOL. JK!
Have a safe'll be fine. What flight # is I can be sure to watch for it on the news! (hee hee..I'm evil!).
Take care

Joie said...

You'll be fine.

You're not a nutjob.

I'm the one who took the train because flying was just too much to face on top of the move.

Good Luck and have a great time.

Wave as you go over Denver!!

Secret Pal said...

Have a safe trip! Be sure to wave as you fly over the Midwest!

Joie said...

There's a lot of the midwest.
That's a lot of waving!

Sorry to tease.
Couldn't resist!

kerri said...

It's 12:37 AM, did you finish packing? Are you asleep? HAVE FUN!
(And pick up a cute guy at the wedding... For me? For you? Eh, whatever works).

Dagny said...

Hope you made your flight OK.