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Monday, June 12, 2006

She's Packing

I hate packing. Well, I hate unpacking even more, but packing is still pretty annoying. I'm off of work for a week - leaving Wednesday to fly to Buffalo and spend some time with my Aunt. We're driving down to PA for my cousin's wedding, and then back up to Buffalo. No, I'm not shuffling off... Anyway, I've gotten a pretty good start on the packing so far, which is progress for me, since it's still two days away. I am definitely a last minute packer. Not at all like my mother, who starts a week before her trip. (She's a little nuts...)

Anyway, I know I will forget at least one's kind of my trademark. Usually pajamas. But, pajama pants are already in the suitcase, so...hmm... Anyway, I should get back to it, instead of just rambling here. I hope the cat's okay while I'm gone. I have a friend coming in to feed her and scoop out the litter box while I'm out.

I went back into the dentist today because he wanted to be sure the temporary crowns were doing okay before I left. He polished them up pretty nicely, and is making me a temporary night guard for while I'm gone. (My fear is that I will grind my teeth while I sleep and pop those suckers out of my mouth. Though I'm sure it would be more of a gradual thing. Anyway, he had that concern too, only more that the temps would loosen, and less that they'd fall out.) So, I go back in tomorrow to pick up the guard. I lead such an exciting life...

Anyway...that's all for now.


Kerri said...

Have fun on your trip.I love weddings. I can't believe you remembered Pajama's! It's a miracle! :)

kerri said...

Oh yeah, and my mom does THE SAME THING! It's annoying. Not at all like us procrastinators, huh? :)
Don't forget your toothbrush. Just kidding. :)

Joie said...

I figure as long as you have your toothbrush and your undies you are safe.

Of course undies and no pants would be embarassing.

Christyn said...

Have a safe trip! I'm gonna miss you here at's going to be SOOOOOO quiet!!! :( Can turn around and give you funky looks! LOL. (sigh!) Enjoy your trip, you deserve you have 2 more vacation weeks that you need to figure out how to spend....feel free to pass them to me! HA HA! Take care! We'll mis you! Don't forget the toothbrush, hairbrush, hairdryer, undies, and shoes, etc! :)

Christyn said...

Oops..I mean "I CAN'T turn around....."