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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Okay, I am fascinated with TV shows about possible hauntings and ghostly activity. Which is weird to my friends, since I refuse to watch horror movies...(I'm really quite wimpy!!) But, I dig those creepy shows, as long as they're not gory. The History Channel has a few good ones, like Haunted History, Weird Travels, etc. So, tonight there was this show on SciFi about Waverly, an old TB hospital that was turned into a convalescent home and then shut down by the state in the '80s. It's probably a good thing that I only caught the last half-hour...though I'm sure it'll be replayed plenty in the next month. It was quite creepy, but cool too.

So, why does this stuff fascinate me when I am so very easily spooked? Does this make sense to anyone else? Any other weirdos out there like me? I believe that hauntings are possible, though I can't say I've definitively ever witnessed any. But you never know. And believing that spirits can make contact with the living scares the crap out of me!! And, I've heard plenty of firsthand accounts from friends that I completely trust. I've even witnessed some creepy things, that are inexplicable... (One example - The curtain fluttering inside an abandoned home in a ghost town on a dry, hot, windless day...and then the first few drops of rain hitting as soon as we entered the cemetary in the same ghost town.)

Anyway, I feel like I'm not expressing myself really well tonight. But, now that I caught the last 1/2 hour of the creepy show on hauntings, I'm afraid I'm going to have nightmares! I hope not. Of course, I go in for the crown prep tomorrow on the two front teeth, which could also cause nightmares....


Dagny said...

I used to love to read true ghost stories as a kid.

Secret Pal said...

I can't watch scary movies because they're too scary, and I have been known, even as an adult, to run from the bathroom back to the bed and jump so the creepies under the bed can't grab my ankles.

Yes, really. I am that pathetic.

When I was in junior high I used to like to read those ghost story books that were basically really tame urban legends about, oh, the old lady who always rocked on her front porch in the summer, but when the girl visited her she felt cold - and then it turned out the lady died 20 years ago. Or the one about the kids who 'witnessed' a civil war-era steam train crashing into a blockade and "saw my great-granddaddy going to glory."

Joie said...

I hope you didn't have nightmares, and I also hope that your dental adventures went well.

No, you are not weird. At least no weirder than usual. I think lots of people are facinated by scary things. People like to be scared, but not to be in real danger. That's why people like ghost stories, rollercoasters and spooky shows/movies.

And I wouldn't consider you a wimp either. I love the show Supernatural. I watch it from behind my hands asking my husband: "Can I look yet??" And I don't think it's all that icky. So, if you're a wimp, I am too.

Caitlin said...

I bet you didn't know that Kyle ( my hubby) loves all that stuff too. My mom used to manage a restaurant that was/is haunted. Did I ever tell you those stories??? Let me know if there are any good haunting shows coming up so I can tell Kyle!!!
BTW, I can't remember my password on this thing and that is why my username isn't appearing

Tami said...

I knew Kyle was a great guy...he'd probably like the SciFi show I caught part of. And no...what's this about a haunted restaurant? I'd love to hear it! (Just don't tell me at midnight...)

SP - I still have to run up or down stairs in the dark - sometimes get that feeling that there's something behind me.

Joie and SP - neither of you are pathetic! And Joie's got some good firsthand stories...

Dagny - I still read those. But only in the middle of the day!

Kerri said...

Yeah, you know all my weird ghostly stories, and I LOVE those "let's explore the haunted mansion" shows, even though I hide behind a blanket half the time! Haha! You aren't weird. Hope you are surviving the dentist!