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Monday, June 26, 2006

It's only Tuesday?

Knitting goodness

I mentioned that I went to a beginner's knitting class last Friday night, when things finally started falling into place and making sense for me (well, knitting related...the life stuff is still all crazy, as usual). Here's a shot of my scarf in progress as of a couple of nights ago. The yarn is pretty awesome - though I can't remember the name of it (the label is at home right now, and I am not). It's a wool/microfiber blend. It makes me think of summer sherbet. My basic pattern (though there really isn't one, and I'm not really counting rows) is a few rows of knit stitch, then a few rows of stockinette (knit 1 row, purl 1 row, repeat). I've only had minor disasters so far, in which I have no clue what happened, but ended up with extra stitches or holes...and then ripped out a row or two and re-stitched it up...) Sorry - my couch (though not as hideous as the old one) is not really the best background for a good shot.

Happy Happy Secret Pal Stuff!

The other day I got this cute card in the mail from my secret pal. For no reason but to say hi. :) It brightened my day! Thank you Secret Pal!! I should be doing that for my pal too...
More Random Stuff

Yesterday I was in a quandary of whether or not to call the ex to get my stuff back. I decided to just email him asking him to mail me my CDs. So, I did. And I didn't say anything else. The ball is in his court...I just want my CDs back. I don't care about the rest of the stuff - whatever it is (I know he has my Snow White costume, but it's too big for me anyway). If he wants his crap, he can contact me. This has taken way too long. And it kills me that he admitted (last month when he called me) that he'd been listening to my birthday present CD! - 2 of my college friends made a 30 song compilation for me for my 30th birthday - all songs with college memories attached (yes, we used to roam the campus belting out Billy Joel and were told to hush up by the roaming CSA while crooning to Celine Dion...). There were 2 cds, and the ex has one in his car!! I want my birthday gift back! (Kerri is up in arms about this - making the CDs took a lot of work, and she downloaded all the songs - it was an AWESOME gift.)

Funny...I just got a read receipt on that e-mail I sent him...and he said he only checks his personal email every couple of weeks. We'll see how long it takes him to respond, or for me to get a package...

Gratuitous Cat Photos

Isn't this a great shot of Gracie? I love the black markings around her eyes.


Ker said...

Damn him. Damn him. Damn him. Joie, are you out there? Do you SEE what he is doin with CD's that do NOT belong to him? Good for you for standing your ground.
At least Gracie is cute.:)

Joie said...

I agree it's pretty crappy to make off with someone elses stuff after the breakup. If you want me to email him and ask him to give it back to, just say the word.

Dagny said...

He kept your birthday CDs? Sooo wrong. I know people who would be more than happy to retrieve your belongings. OK. Kidding. But I do know people like that.

And thank you for more Gracie photos. It makes me think that I need to take more photos of the kids. I think she and Natasha could be friends. I also think that she wouldn't like Boris because he's just too dumb.