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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shameless Plug

Hey there everyone. I wanted to send an internet shout out for my friend (and cohort in craft crime) Moriah, who has just started her own Etsy shop: BeadyEyeLass. She has also started her own blog to go with it.

She has reinspired me on the jewelry front. I've been making crocheted necklaces, but haven't listed any for sale, since I'm still trying to work out the best way to finish off the closures. So far I have liked the way they are coming out though.

Please take a look at Moriah's sites! She will appreciate it!


Moriah said...

Thank you Tami! I do appriciate it! As far as the closures go for wire crochet, I have a few things that seem to work well. It kind of depends on if you're using multiple strands or single strands of crochet. Single strands, I usually weave back through the work. Multiple strands (up to 5) I've started using a barrel bead, twisting the strands together, looping it around the clasp and twisting it through the barrel bead again and then trimming the excess close to the bead. Hope that helps!

D.T. said...

Shameless plug, but beautiful works of art!