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Sunday, October 01, 2006

What's Your Story Morning Glory?

Remember that morning glory I replanted back in July? At the time, it was 2 straggly looking vines. For good measure (and because I was afraid I'd probably ripped out too much of the existing root system of the original vines), I had added some additional seeds from the original packet (remember, this was a $1 Target grow kit).

Well, when I replanted, I had used some leftover Schultz Potting Soil Plus that had been sitting outside on my balcony for probably 2 years (since my last failed attempt at growing something). The top of the bag wasn't fully sealed anymore, so I figured that any fertilizer had probably leached out from the rain over the years. Apparently not. The additional seeds I added sprouted up amazingly fast and were thriving better than the 2 vines I'd replanted in the first place. I was impressed.

Anyway, I have still managed, in typical Tami fashion, to conveniently "forget" the plant existed here and there...even though it has a hard to miss spot on my kitchen table and I pass it at least twice every day. Due to this (or my total lack of growing skills), there are some dry dead looking bits that I didn't want to photograph for posting. I have inspected the plant, and was going to remove the twiggy bits, but it looks like the thriving vines are attached to it. (How can that be?)

Anyway, the thriving bits are suddenly budding all over the place. I'm excited by this (it doesn't take much, does it?) The shot above is a picture of a few buds taken Friday night (when I actually remembered to water the plant, and noticed the darling buds of...September).

The next picture is the larger bud as of this afternoon. It's a really deep fuschia color, and looks like it's going to be really pretty. I didn't think morning glories came in that color. I thought they were all blue with white in the centers. But, what do I know? (Oh, and I couldn't get any good shots of the purpley part.)


Dagny said...

Sometimes plants are best left alone to their own devices.

Kai said...

See? It's the Little Morning Glory That Could! (Ithinkicanithinkican...) I can see the flower trying to emerge! Hope you'll photograph it again when it fully blooms! Three cheers for Tami, our budding (no pun intended) gardener!

Joie said...


That is sooo cool! I look forward to finding out what color they will be!!

Some plants favor benign neglect. My mom had a very fussy spikey sort of plant which doesn't like to bloom. The one time it did, was a while after she had us, and the plant had been neglected for quite a while. :)
She still kills geraniums though!

Gloria said...

Yeah, as I've found out - when I leave for several days, my plants do really really really well. When I'm around, they threaten death.

countess_shell said...

My morning glories, and I have them entirely covering the fence on two sides of the yard, all bud in a bright fushia color and then open to the deep purple we all know and love. 8-]