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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Comfort Food!

Today at work, as my boss was craving Taco Bell, we all got to talking about cheese. More specifically, about how we Americans seem to have an extra-special affinity for all things cheesy.

So, since that time, I had been craving some cheese myself. So I decided to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. Now, this really is newsworthy in my book, because I actually came home and turned on my stove for once... (I don't do a whole lot of cooking anymore, and I'm not totally sure this even qualifies.)

So, my dinner was 2 slices whole grain white bread (thank you Sara Lee), 2 2% milk cheese singles, some shredded Parmesan/Romano/Reggiano blend and freshly ground Italian seasonings. Pretty darned good grilled cheese if I do say so myself. (And yes, I didn't have the best guage on the heat you can tell from the photo - but it wasn't burnt.)

I also finally busted out the Trader Joe's Roasted Corn and Pepper Soup, which I bought a while ago, and hadn't tried yet. It was good, but a bit spicy. I wasn't expecting the kick. You can really taste the roasted corn though.

Anyway, that was the excitement of my day... And aren't you all just burning with jealousy over my matching china? (I do have a matching set of the pfaltzgraff dishes, and matching glasses...but I felt a little more eclectic today.)

Wait! I lied! That wasn't the full extent of today's excitement. I actually ordered my first Christmas gift of the season today. What is wrong with me??!! It's only October! (I'll tell you what's wrong with me - I can't pass up a good sale - especially not on the perfect gift for my hard-to-shop-for-zombie-obsessed brother!) of the e-mail newsletters that I subscribe to finally paid off. I should receive the items sometime next week. The hard part will be remembering that I have them once Christmas is closer. It was weird when I completed the transaction, because right now I can't even picture Christmas yet.

(And if anyone is interested, I bought the gift from this site, and have been trying to get this shirt for him for over a year! It's been sold out in his size every other time I've tried. (And I'm not too worried about him reading this blog - he never has before...) I also got him another one, but won't say which one, just on the off chance that he does pop in over here for a visit. He already knows about Zombie Donkey...I've been telling him about it for a while, and asked him for his size. The other zombie shirt on there that I liked was sold out already too.

Okay, now I'm really done here for the night. Um...Merry Christmas everyone!


Jill said...

Yum! That looks so good! I just recently started grocery shopping on my own (okay, with Marissa, because she knows things about expiration dates and ripeness), and I'm having a great time trying new foods from Trader Joes ... so I'll need to see if I can find that soup.
(Um, yeah, let's not go there with why I'm just now venturing into grocery stores on my own. Or why I won't step foot inside a bank).

Love the clothing web site! Too cool!

Thanks for the comment on my blog regarding the family issues. They are still up to some weird shenanigans. :-(

Kai said...

Hey, Tami! I LOOOVE your napkins! You're in the spirit, girl! And your sandwich looks yummy! How weird - must be something in the air. I cook for my housemate (I live here as chief cook & bottlewasher - translation: housekeeper)& today's dinner menu is grilled cheese & ham sandwiches & chicken/sausage gumbo soup. That was planned WAAAAAAAY long ago. (I write out the year's worth of menus - don't laugh - just before New Year's each year & STICK TO THEM. (I SAID no laughing!)

Caitlin said...

Where is the tomato soup with that grilled cheese???? Maybe that is a New England thing but we always had grilled cheese with tomato soup.. Yum!
Here's my next question nerdine!!!! What's with the romano cheese and the italian spices?? Is that an Italian thing? Maybe I should try that :) I typically just use American cheese on my grilled cheese. Anyway, I also want to know if you used margarine or "real" butter in the pan? Am I a foodie or what??? Just wondering how many points on WW was your yummy dinner? Maybe I'll have the same tonoght.Miss ya!

D.T. said...

Is that Huey Louie on your drinking glass? WOW...I havent seen a glass like that in...well forever, I guess. Was it a promotional item for the movie? Those things are always so cool to have, arent they? Because then they become retro and who doesnt love retro things? Like that shirt you wanna get your brother...why come I never knew about that site? I am so spending half of my next paycheck there...

Margaret said...

Have you tried a grilled cheese on crustless Wonder Bread? Delightful!