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Sunday, October 15, 2006


I had a really busy weekend, helping my father put up a barn (really), so I'm pretty wiped out...and because of that, I'm posting this quiz. (More on the barn raising later.)

I liked these results.

You Are Fall!



Dagny said...

Wheeee!!! I'm summer -- outgoing, friendly, flirty, cute, fun.

Kai said...

I'm not a BIT surprised to be WINTER! That's my season! LOVE IT! And I want to hear all about the BARN, Tami!

Joie said...

I'm also a fall.

Yeah, I want to hear about the barn too. How often do you speak to someone who says: I put a barn this weekend??

Hope your muscles aren't complaining too much. Mine would be!!

kerri said...

I'm a Fall too! :) This quiz is SO going on my myspace page. Hope you are feeling better!

Gloria said...

Hrm, it tells me I'm winter. I hate winter. Maybe this means I'm conflicted with my inner self. But I don't think I am.

Mom said...

Would it s urprize you to know I'm a summer - didn't surprize me, and I skipped the sport question because I don't play any of them, nor do I care to watch any of them (they didn't include basketball!)

Anonymous said...

I got fall, too.