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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Long Awaited Shower Scoop

Okay, it probably wasn't really that long awaited at all...if anyone (other than me) was waiting for it...

Finally, I was able to upload photos onto blogger. So, here's the scoop on last Saturday's shower. This one was a bit more traditional, for the slightly older crowd. I'm actually more familiar (and comfortable) with the traditional stuff, so I wasn't too worried about this one. We had the shower at Strings, chosen by the bride, so I didn't have to worry much about food. My worry was that the bride (who is not into traditional stuff) would be bored, and that she doesn't like to be the center of attention. She's usually the planner of things (did I mention that she's a wedding/events planner on the side? I've helped her out a few times for some extra cash.)

That being the case, I tried to choose games that wouldn't focus more attention on her than she'd already be getting. (I know, I know...the bride will be the center of attention at a shower...that's why she didn't really want one in the first place, but everyone was expecting her to have one and people she didn't want to be in charge were attempting to plan...and it was stressing her out too much, so I told her I'd do it. Then it became two...but I don't mind. I know I went over this a bit in a prior post...but I do tend to retell the same stories here and there...) Anyway, I went with 2 games and a door prize. The first game was one in which each guest gets a sealed envelope with a piece of paper inside. (I used quarter sheets of cool scrapbooking papers.) They are instructed not to open the envelope until told to do so. Once the envelope is opened, they have one minute to tear the paper into a wedding dress. After the time is up, everyone puts the paper dress back into the envelope, writes their name on the envelope, and then hands it to the bride. Then, the bride has to judge which envelope was opened the neatest. (Twisted, huh?) It went over pretty well. Except that if I were to use this game again, I'd use double stick tape or something on the envelope flap to make them harder to open.

The 2nd game was a purse scavenger hunt. I gave them all 2 minutes to find a list of items in their purses. I've done this one before (at Joie's shower) and it went over well.

As for the dessert, per the bride's request I made the lemonade angel cakes again. This time I used heart shaped foil baking cups. I also substituted raspberry lemonade for the regular. They came out better this time than last. (I think I overbaked them last time.) Here's a shot of the finished product.

I thought they looked pretty cute on the dessert plates provided by the restaurant.

The Thursday night before the shower, on a whim, I ran to Michael's on my way home and picked up a wedding favor candy kit that I'd been eyeing. And thanks to the good people at Wilton, I ended up with these:

Everyone was duly impressed. (And it's not even hard to make! Um, please note that the two in my photo here were the rejects of the bunch. The rest looked better.) The candy wedding cakes went into a small favor box with some paper shreds and a label went on the box. No, don't get too excited, that doesn't mean I got my printer to work correctly. Still no black ink from that one. I stayed late at work on Friday night (because my life is that exciting) and printed the labels there.

Anyway, that's it in a nutshell. A rather large nutshell, I'll admit. I did get a lot of compliments on the shower as the guests were leaving. I love that! (What can I say? I'm a praise hog...I'll take it where I can get it!)


Dagny said...

I love the purse scavenger hunt game. That's why I always make sure to bring the big purse to showers -- just in case. Of course, at Jade's sister's shower some of the stuff that they other women had in their purses was kind of scary. Never play this game if you are inviting the ghetto fab.

Tami said...

Well Dagny, I did go to one shower that weighed everyone's purses - heaviest purse wins. I would have won too, if I hadn't cleaned out my purse before heading out that day! And I almost never clean out my purse! (It was 10 pounds wonder my back always hurts)

Dagny said...

I would never win that contest. My friends tend to carry a lot more stuff than I do.