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Monday, August 14, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday

Something quite rare happened this weekend. I went out. Dancing. In "the City." It was the not-quite-bachelorette party (she didn't want one, just wanted everyone to get together and go out) for my soon to be married friend that I've been helping out. So, we all met up at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco to watch Notorious play and do a little dancing. My friend has known Jay from Notorious forever, and was the wedding coordinator for his wedding 2 years ago.

Well, I don't tend to go out much anymore, and when I was going out more often, it still was pretty few and far between. And while I enjoyed myself on Saturday, it did remind me why I dislike going out in the city. I don't like crowds, and I don't like bitchy drunk people invading my personal space (which is pretty much gone in the city club scenario). And I guess I'm just not assertive (or even agressive) enough to preserve my space (though I have gotten better over the years). And I don't drink, so my persistent sobriety probably doesn't help me tolerate.

One girl in particular seemed to want to snap me in half, and made quite the scene. Some of my water had splashed on her back and she spun around and accused me of having done it on purpose. Then after her yelling "stop, stop, you have to go, I don't care" and some more of the same, she grabbed the plastic cup out of my hand and flung the water over the crowd, throwing my empty cup to the floor in a rage. I was attempting to tell her it was an accident because she kept dancing into me (I was behind her, after she and her friends had trampled past me towards the stage). Luckily, I had my more defensive friends surrounding me. And truth be told, it wasn't "completely" an accident. I could have been more careful of the water, but I was so irritated with how she kept bumping into me that I was careless with that arm. Now, I did NOT tip that cup and pour water on her - THAT would have been deliberate. And believe me, had that been the case, there wouldn't have been any water left for her to drown the crowd with. But she was totally ridiculous - I can't tell you how many times I've been out and ended up with other people's drinks on me out on the dance floor. Give me a break. And her throwing the water in the air drenched her own friends, who didn't know what was going on. The guy behind me saw it and thought it was pretty f***ed up (his words) and he actually knew her. Whatever. (Also, it came out later that the lead singer's wife knows her and can't stand her, so it seems her behavior was not out of character. We were talking to Jay's wife after the show. She told me most of the girls that hang out there are bitchy - all really nice to her husband and awful to her. I told her it's because they're trying to get in his pants. She agreed and we laughed.)

Aside from that, everything was fun. I saw some of that particular crowd that I hadn't seen in a long time. Got lots of compliments from one of them, since he hadn't seen me since I'd lost all the weight (don't get too excited girls, he's married).

Anyway, we headed over to Mel's Diner on Van Ness and had some late-night fried foods. We also figured it would be a good idea to give my friends a chance to sober up a bit before I drove them back to their car in Walnut Creek, where they'd continue on to their place. I didn't get home until 4am, and slept a good long time...and I think it screwed up my whole sleeping schedule (which is screwed up enough as it is!). I slept through my alarm this morning and had to call in late to work. (I have to stop doing that!!)

I did get some good pictures though (which is amazing, since I was blindly snapping shots with my digital - not able to see using the screen feature, nor through the viewfinder.

And, aside from the late morning making this Monday manic, I was also crazy busy at work today. Too crazy even to check CAP's website (or any of my other regular reads). But, at least I feel like I got a good deal of work done. And I also have decided to follow the weight watcher's plan again this week (tracking the points and everything). I have 3 pounds left to get to goal and I am really sick and tired of still paying the weekly fee. So, that's my motivation for goal right now. (And the $200 I spent on clothes last weekend, of course.)

And below, for your entertainment, we have Gracie "helping" me make my bed...


bwb said...

Wow, three pounds to goal. Go you!!! I had no idea you were so local-- I always think Benicia is way south for some reason. Ah.. the RDL... I do need to get and about soon... by the way under no circumstances ever go the 24 hour place on Taraval and 19th Avenue - ugh!! Not enough cocktails on the planet to make it palatable.

Fluffycat said...

for some reason, i always think of benicia as being some place south as well.

you should totally just set your current weight as your goal weight. if i remember WW's rules, you can drop below your goal weight and still be a above the goal. so you can still keep working at it to lose those 3 lbs, but just stop having to pay the weekly fee.

Joie said...

Sorry about the psychos!

My "stay out of my space" tool is my elbow. I lift one or both of them, pointing out, and if people run into them, too bad. It cuts down on the crowding, which as you know, I hate.

And I had been thinking about going into downtown to try out a swing place. Makes me think twice.
I hate dealing with drunks.

And no wonder you needed to get to bed early! 4 AM! You wild woman, you!!

kerri said...

What a biatch! GOD! I with you, I've had a ton o' crap spilled on me in clubs, do I throw a fit?????? Nooooooooooooooo. But then, I'm not a drunken fool either. :)

As you know, "accidently" running into people is my best defense!

I just want to snuggle with Gracie. :)

Dagny said...

LOL. Welcome to my life. Although I'm usually the one who ends up with water on her. And then I have to get hyphy. Well, that's only if the other person doesn't immediately apologize. Or if I calmly point out what they have done and they laugh in my face. I haven't been to the Red Devil in some time. And Gracie looks adorable.

Tami said...

Fluffycat - I actually did reset my goal last week to an even 120...I am 3 pounds away as of last week. Now, I just need to get back there and stay there during the maintenance period.

NN - What's on Taraval and 19th? (I may be local, but I don't know the city very well)

Joie - usually, I do the elbow thing. She was impervious. There wasn't enough room for my elbows. In fact, one of the guys we were with - a pretty big guy - was trapped and giving me looks as if to say "help - I'm trapped." Then he escaped up the stairwell to the balcony part.

Kerri - I was actually wondering if you would have made it that close to the stage that night. You know how people tend to allow you through? I did not get that vibe Saturday. I think they would have closed off a wall in front of you and we'd have been stuck. (yes, really)

Dagny - I didn't even have a chance to apologize. Couldn't yell a word in edgewise. She actually brought up my height - weird! (She says, "I know you're short and can't see. I don't care." As if that had anything to do with how obnoxious she was. And that drinks get spilled on a crowded dance floor.)

Calamity Jen said...

After I hit 30, wild horses couldn't drag me to a dance club. I've never been coordinated (hence my name), but somewhere along the line I became completely spastic.

Congratulations on the weight loss! Somehow the pounds that you have shed made their way up to Canada and landed right on my hips. I think there should be a tariff for that sort of export.

Maybe WW is something I should try. Diet Delivery didn't work, and my willpower is always overcome by Doritos.