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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Proof Positive that I work in Marin…

Yesterday morning I ventured into the ladies room, as was necessary at the time. There was a group of women standing just inside the door, apparently waiting for the large handicapped stall to open. I proceeded into a stall after making sure there wasn't a line (you never know, even though the other 5 stalls were hanging open…could have been some reason they were staying away). I hear the other stall door open and the lone occupant making her way to the sink. So far, all seems normal.

The 3 women that were huddled inside the entrance got all excited (squealy even) and descended upon the big stall. Here is what I witnessed…

Disembodied voice 1: Let's see!

Disembodied voice 2: Want to touch them? They're still hard.

Disembodied voice 3: You haven't started massaging them yet?

Disembodied voice 2: I'm supposed to start that tonight.

Disembodied voice 1: They look great!

And then I don't know who's saying what (nor do I care - I feel like I'm intruding on their privacy by using the restroom for it's intended purpose!), but the general conversation went on about how much two of them were happy with their boob jobs, and the other one, who hadn't had one, has a consultation scheduled for the end of this month. Oh, and they're financed at a rate of 10%. And mass compliments - oh, you don't need any work done! No? I'm all saggy since giving birth and you have no idea! Well, I can't tell. Do you always wear a padded bra? Oh always! Oh how happy we all are with our fake bodies! (Argh…)

I have to realize that no, that is NOT normal. It's not, is it? Please tell me it's not. I will never understand the allure of elective surgery. And the scary part…the one who had just gotten the surgery went to high school with my co-worker.

And this whole scene gave me a flashback of a bbq I went to at my boss's house last summer (with the ex). My boss had just had "enhancement surgery." We (the employees) all knew about it. My ex walked through the house to grab a drink and came outside with a look of utter confusion/horror on his face. He looked at me and whispered, "everyone that's not out here is in the living room feeling your boss's breasts." I laughed and said, "that's because they're new." I of course then made sure he didn't want to go back in to check them out (the relationship might have ended sooner if he had...).

I guess I just think it's sad that people are so unhappy with their bodies that they will resort to expensive surgery to change them. I think it says something about society. (And not a good thing.)


Dagny said...

Yep, only in California do you ever hear the words, "You want to feel them? Go ahead..." I have sworn that I will never get any surgery. I just need a lifetime supply of Miss Clairol.

Christyn said...

Oh my!! LOL You made me laugh b/c 1. I remember the "Ex" saying all that at the bbq...and 2. YES I went to HS with the disembodied person who got the un-necessary surgery to enhance her disembodied boobs. JK! :)

You are so funny..wish I could have been there to hear the conversation. Wonder what she would have done if I was standing there..having known her in HS. :)

YES we live in Marin!! and NO you can't feel mine!!! They are all mine..and they are REAL! Thank you very much!!!!

Joie said...


Uh, no, I don't think that is normal either. I am a very happy large A/small B cup. I do not feel a need to change them in any way, shape, or form. Thank you very much. I can make the boys stare with what God gave me!

I do know what you mean though. Plastic surgery is all over the TV. I think people are beginning to think of it as normal and commonplace and in my very humble opinion, that's sick.
Don't get me wrong, there are reasons and times that plastic surgery is more than understandable, but the majority of people DO NOT NEED IT!

I wish more people fully understood the dangers involved with all surgeries in general and with some cosmetic surgeries in particular. Maybe they would be a little more cautious....
And let me tell ya, if I had 5-10K extra, I could think of a lot of other things to spend it on!

Secret Pal said...

Ugh! I'm not sure which is worse, that conversation or the commercials on the radio here for cosmetic surgery and electralasis to "get rid of that unsightly back hair!"


Margaret said...

I'm sort of suprised they bothered to wait for the handi-capped stall. About a year ago, some woman I had just met offered to let me feel hers: no thanks! The whole fake private parts thing disturbs me.

Tami said...

Well Margaret, it was quite disturbing...not as bad as the thought that instead of my ex walking through the party where everyone was checking out my boss's boobs, it could have been me. I NEVER would have been able to look at her the same again. If at all!

bwb said...

boss and boobs -- bad word combo as far as I am concerned... and what is up with feeling the boobs.. that is so Californian... I cannot tell you how many times I have been invited to check out some gal's mamms....