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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm a Nymph!

No Christyn, not that kind.

Which Greek Goddess are you?

You are a Water Nymph! Whether it's in thunderstorms, or swimming in rivers or the ocean, you love it. You probably have a great connection with society or your friends, and are a loving, helpful creature. Just as the ocean can be calm and breathtaking, your talents are unique and are a blessing to those around you. But sometimes the ocean is dark, myserious, or stormy, which also reflect your emotions.

Role- They were depicted as beautiful maidens, often riding on the backs of Hippokampoi (Fish-tailed horses), Ketoi (Sea-monsters) or dolphins.

Symbols- water (naw, really?!, seashells, nymphs, helpers of Poseidon.

Story- There are several different types of Nymphs in Greek Mythology, but they are usually helpers and assistants to the gods. Nymphs had the divine power of changing the shape of things, and were agressive lovers. Nymphs are always with their companions (which is why you are so social) and were kind to sailors in trouble (which is why you are so nice.)

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Hmm...this was a fun quiz. Halfway through the quiz I figured out that you can pick more than one answer (so I did) and the above was the result. Only 35% of people who took the quiz got this result. Now...does this sound like me? (I have to say, I'd have quite a few more barnacles strategically placed on my body than shown above.) My real question though is this - are water nymphs actually Greek goddesses? Somehow I'm thinking no.

So, because I am curious by nature...I had to go back and re-take the test answering each question with just one response (except for the last two, in which you are supposed to choose all that apply anyway). The following was the altered response...(which would have been the original response had I not realized I could pick more than one answer for each question.) Which one do you all think applies to me most? (Those of you who know me personally anyway.) And I'd love to hear everyone else's results too!

Which Greek Goddess are you?

You are Pandora! You are curious by nature, and can't help it! You love learning and seeing and feeling and experiencing everything in life. You are diverse in your talents, just as Pandora was, (as she was created by a bit of each god). You might make mistakes easily, but you can think quickly and probably have good reflexes, just as Pandora was able to snap the box shut just in time.

Role- First human woman in Greek mythologySymbols- box (obviously)

Story- She wasn't technically a goddess, but *correct me if I'm wrong, as I know you will...* the world's first woman according to Greek myth. She was created by all of the gods, and given a box which she was instructed NOT to open. Well, she was created with curiosity, so she naturally just HAD to open the box. Thus, all types of horrible things flew out and plagued the world. But, she did manage to shut the box before the most horrible thing escaped: something that would vanquish all hope. So, if you hear about Pandora's box, now you know the story behind it!

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Christyn said...

Hey, why pick ME out of the crowd to make that comment?? And you'd be happy to know that I am a Nymph as well...

Dagny said...

I followed the multiple answer route and got Pandora as well.

Tami said...

You're just the lucky one Christyn. :)

Joie said...

I am Persephone.

I got that whether I used the one answer method, or multiple!!

Only 2% of respondents got that!
But you knew I liked making things grow!

Tami said...

Hey, I like making things grow...I just suck at it! (Though my morning glories have not died yet...)

Joie said...


Are they flowering? I love moring glories! What color are they suppsed to be, or are they mixed?

I absolutly love te deep blue ones, though the variagated are pretty awesome too!!

Joie said...

MORNING glories.

Note to self- proof-read, THEN post.

Mom said...

I took it twice and got the same results you did - and water nymph???I Can't even swim!

Secret Pal said...

Those poor girls! Not a one of them has a single stitch of decent clothes!

(I got the water nymph too.)


Tami said...

SP - I know I'm always way more covered than any of those goddesses. Perhaps they had control over the weather...(and well, my body certainly doesn't look like that either!)

Seems like there are a lot of water nymphs. Maybe that explains the lack of carbuncles...not enough to go around!

And anyone who read my mother's response should know - my mother would get into a pool when I was younger, and start hollering "I'm drowning, I'm drowning" if someone got her hair wet... Love ya Mom!