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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

______on a _______

During my usual daily CAP stalking, I stumbled across a comment from Loribird, mentioning a Snakes on a Plane reference on another website. So, I pasted her link into my browser and went to check it out.

The link took me to Knitters Anonymous, where Kristi is having a blogging contest. It's a take-off on Snakes on a Plane in that she wants to see people's pictures of _____on a_____. Any animal on any inanimate object. So I figured what the heck? Here goes:

Cat on a Crate

(This is actually Poom - a friend's cat that I watched while she was out of state house hunting. They live in North Carolina now. Isn't she a gorgeous cat? Very playful too, but shy.)

Goat on a Rock

I took this one on a visit to Safari West in Santa Rosa. (It's a neat trip/tour, if you like wild animals. It's more of a sanctuary, and they have most of the animals in large enclosures so they can roam freely. If they are near the fence you can see them. If they're out in the vast acreage, you won't.)

That's it for now. I didn't have anything too innovative, but if I'm feeling inspired before Kristi ends the contest, I might submit something else, too.

(It's all for fun anyway, right?)


Kristi said...

Awwww that's a cute kitty!

laurie said...

This is so funny!!

I have mostly cats on all stuff, generally stuff I would prefer to be feline-free but ya'll know. They just will not listen to me LOL.

Tami said...

Honestly, I'd have put my cat around different things in my house right now, but it's such a mess I'd be too embarrassed to post the pictures! So, these had to suffice for now. :)z

D.T. said...

I have a picture of a dog humping a giant doggie bone. Is that too risqué or...what?

Tami said...

Well D.T....It's not my contest, so I don't make the rules. But...never mind. I'm not even going to ask about why you have that picture!

Dagny said...

Cute pictures. I have been wanting to check out that place in Santa Rosa for years. Can't you spend the night there?

Tami said...

Dagny - you can spend the night there. They have individual cabins. Actually, my friend and her fiancee spent the night there back when we all went on there together. They thought it was pretty cool.