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Monday, August 07, 2006

Look! I still crochet!

Well, it's August already, which means the finished project for my One Skein Secret Pal Exchange is due this month. (Better sooner in the month than later.) So, even though I'd kicked about some ideas for the project, I actually decided to make the Leaf Embroidered Tassel Bag from Felted Crochet by Jane Davis. Only I decided to forego the tassel, and the leaf embroidery. Good thing too, as there ended up not being enough yarn. (I didn't swatch this could have been avoided.) The bag itself is finished and assembled, aside from the shoulder strap. Above is the open bag before felting, and below is the bag (obviously still pre-felting) with the flap closed.
Now, there's a little story on the strap...I am assuming that the book contained an error, as there is no instruction for making the strap in the pattern, but the assembly instructions tell you to sew it on. Well, I had an idea on how to make a single crocheted cord, that I figured would felt up pretty sturdy (sturdily?). Unfortunately, I did not have enough yarn left over. So I attempted to rip it out. But, the natural fibers twisted around itself and didn't want to give. Well...I ended up with the following mess:
(Gracie is my witness.) Anyway, I think I am going to tie these disjointed pieces together and attempt to make a long (non-crappy looking?) chain to attach as a strap. I worry that it will felt up to be too thin of a strap though. If it looks uber-crappy, I will cut it off the finished product and figure something else out. Any ideas for salvaging it in that case? Think it would be usable without the strap? (That was another idea of mine.)

And's been way too long since I've posted any kitty pics, so here's Gracie with her new(ish) toy. (And one of my shoes.)


Joie said...

You could knit a strap of another color to attach. You know, just knit, knit, knit...

Or you could try a fabric strap. You buy whatever fabric you like and belting. Wrap the fabric around the belting turning in all the raw edges and stitch to hold it shut and close to the edges of the belting for an especially nice look. Then stitch on the handle.

Someone else may have even better ideas using crochet, but I can't help you there. All I ever did with that was a knitting spool. Of course you could do a few of those and braid them for the handle....

I'll shut up now! :)

Dagny said...

At least Gracie's new toy isn't your shoe. I came in the other night to discover Boris trying to chew the heel of my favorite black strappy sandals. Grrrrr.

Tami said...

Well Dagny, I have found my shoes in different places than I left them. I don't know what she does out there while I am sleeping!

She does come to bed with me right when I first go to lie down. She'll snuggle up all cute and cozy by my side (after the obligatory nuzzling of my chin, spreading much of her drool - cat's got a real problem with the drooling...) for about 20 minutes. Then she darts out of the room like she's being chased and flies around my living room, making weird rustling noises...(well, that's what she did last night anyway).

Joie - thanks for the ideas. The belting thing sounds a bit, unless I want to sew it by hand, I would need to clean off the kitchen table or coffee table in order to set up the sewing machine...and well, they are flat spaces in my house, and therefore doomed to clutterdom.

Secret Pal said...

The bag looks lovely! I have a something for you here, just pondering on whether/how much embellishment to do. I suspect this will depend largely upon how quickly I run out of time at the end of the month. :)