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Friday, August 18, 2006


I hung out with Christyn today after work to help her shop for a baby shower gift. Well, the mom-to-be was registered at Target, so you know I couldn't walk out empty-handed. We were in there at least 2 hours...I picked up The Memory Keeper's Daughter, by Kim Edwards. I so didn't need to buy a new book, but it sounded good, and it was there....and I am weak! I should have written down the author and title and searched for it at the library...(well, obviously, that didn't happen!)

I found a couple of cute little cat toys for Gracie. (Isn't the shrimp just the cutest freakin' thing you've ever seen?) So far she has not so much as given a second glance to the other new toys, which I placed directly in her path across the kitchen to her food. She passed them 3 times without even flinching... Oh well, another time, hopefully.

But, she has been enjoying the little shrimp.

Anyway, I was out at Target so long that I didn't get home until almost 10:30. Then I brushed Gracie with the little rubber brushie thingie that picks up a ton of hair (though I still ended up with a good amount on my clothes - I could crochet a blanket with the amount of hair this cat sheds! Well, if I could spin it into some weird kind of kitty yarn...) Then I played with her for a while (yes, I did put that shrimp on her head. It didn't really seem to annoy her either. And that only encouraged me to keep doing it. Silly cat.)
Tomorrow I am heading to Sacramento to go on a shopping extravaganza with my friend Kerri. She needs to get work clothes for her new job. (Congratulations Kerri! We will shop up a storm!) Aside from the mall, we'll also be hitting Target...I will try to control myself this time... I will maybe have less control at the mall...but I can justify that with the fact that I need more clothes that fit me correctly, right? (Just say yes...)

Sunday I head over to my mother's house. She's throwing a belated birthday party for my younger brother who just turned 25. His new girlfriend will be there, so we're all meeting her for the first time. Sounds like she's nervous about meeting my mother (or all of us, I don't know...). I guess she asked my brother what she should wear. I hope she's cool. Tony (the brother) said he thinks I'll like her. I hope so!

I'm not positive, but I think my mom is a little apprehensive, because Tony's girlfriend is 40, and Tony is 25. She is afraid he will get hurt. (I pointed out to her that he could get hurt in any relationship, regardless of the girl's age). Mom seems to think there's a greater chance of her hurting Tony because of the age difference. My Dad was cool about the age difference, as he should be, since my stepmother is 17 years younger than he is!

Anyway, I am rambling, and overly tired really, should be getting to bed. Hasta la vista todos.


Christyn said...

Thanks for hanging out with me tonight! =) And thanks for all the baby shower gift ideas!! I still have to put the package together for tomorrow, before I leave. Yikes!
The shrimp is cute on Gracie's are a funky mommy! LOL to bed. I'm off to the same area as you tomorrow, so have a great time with Kerri and your family!! :)

Fluffycat said...

stuffed shrimp on a cat!

for my cats, the best toy is something like a piece of paper crumbled up. lately the kitten has gotten into playing with my makeup brushes and throwing them into his litterbox.

Dagny said...

That stuffed shrimp is too cute. And I do need to go to Target... No. Must resist Target.

Joie said...

Little Tony is 25! I can't get over that!!
I hope the party is good!

I hope you all have success in shopping.
If you get a chance, hit the Gap outlet, they have some awesome skirts and retro blouses for pretty cheap. Wishing I had the extra money for them!!

And I love the pic of Gracie snuggling the shrimp.
Too cute!!

D.T. said...'s Monday! How did yesterday's big day go? Smooth? Bumpy? What?!

And I love that second picture of your cat with the shrimp toy! It's like she's hugging it and smiling...very cute.

Caitlin said...

I read that look and liked it a lot. What do you think of it so far? Wow, I can't believe little Tony is dating an older woman! Can't wait to hear what you all think of her :)

Tami said...

Caitlin - I actually haven't started the book yet. It was a total impulse buy. I have a few from the library that I need to get through first.

DT - I'll update later on the weekend. And isn't Gracie adorable?

Joie - I think it's been over 10 years since "the incident" in the truck with Tony and your leg. 10 years!! Can you believe it!? And I didn't make it to the outlets. Might have to put it on my to-do list though.

Dagny - there IS not resisting the will be assimilated. (Yes, I am a proud nerd/geek.)

Fluffycat...Please tell me you are buying new makeup brushes!

Christyn - Anytime! Shopping is fun!