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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Picture Day

I'm still wicked busy at work (yes, I said wicked...I blame my friendship with Cait for that one). And I've spent the last few nights editing photos from the wedding weekend. And right now I'm wicked irritated with the Vallejo Superior Court, which is charging me $500 for a speeding ticket they wouldn't let me pay two months ago, when I tried. More on that later. No time to get into it now.

So, with that in mind...enjoy the view (from below) of my friends' wedding ceremony site. Nice redwood canopy when looking up. It was really nice.
On Friday, before going out to dinner with select family members of the bride and groom, my friend treated the moms, me and the groom's aunt to manicures. This is the 2nd professional manicure I've ever gotten. (Last one was before another friend's wedding, that she treated us to. Sense a theme?) Anyway, I decided to go with a french manicure this time. I generally liked the results (below), but didn't think they really did a great job. It was flaking by Sunday night. I've never had nail polish flake before when I've done it myself. Not even the self-french manicure I did.


Christyn said...

Awww purty!!! Both the redwood canopy..and your fingernails. Man..I miss getting my nails done. The last time was for my wedding 2.5yrs ago. Lets go out and pamper ourselves after work someday...what do ya say?? :)

Fluffycat said...

french manicures seem to flake worse than other ones. i have to say that i do a way better job of my nails than most manicurists, because i take time between the coats to let polish dry, whereas, they like to shove you out of there.

anyway, your nails look great in the pic!

Joie said...

I tend to agree. All the times I have had my nails done, I think it is a grand total of 3, the polish didn't last as long as when I do it. And I don't think it lasts long enough when I do it. Is a week without chips too much to ask???
Plus, I have given up on pedicures. Every time I have one of those I end up with ingrown toenails. Ewwww!

But I do love french manicures. I sometimes do them myself. I love Revlon's Sheer Blossoms for it!!
Pretty nails!!

D.T. said...

This is only you're second professional manicure?! OK, I feel kinda gay cuz I've been getting my nails done like twice a month at the same Vietnamese place for like two years now. I know some people do tend to throw surprised looks my way, but I dont care, because dude, having those little Asian women hold your hands and give you one helluva massage feels so awesome. Everyone needs to induldge once in a while, so why not a good manicure, you know?

kerri said...

Pretty nails. Pretty trees! :)