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Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Recap

I headed out to Sacramento on Saturday morning (late...Saturday morning), and made my merry way to my friend Kerri's house. She and her mother commented on how long my hair has gotten, and I proceeded to complain about my lack of a hairdresser for the past year. (As you know, I'm paranoid to try someone new!) So Kerri asked if I wanted her to make an appointment with her hairdresser. Well, all I need is a little push I guess - I let her do it. I ended up with an appointment with another woman at her salon, recommended by Kerri's hairdresser. So, off we went to the chopping block.

There ended up being a change of stylists, and the girl that came out to cut my hair was an aging rocker...major mullet action! She was very nice though, and didn't attempt to do anything drastic or weird with my hair (I never try drastic changes with a new stylist...let alone my regular one!). So, now it's layered around the face with long layers in the back.

She straightened it - and I've never seen my hair that straight! (Okay, not since I was young and it hadn't gone frizzy/wavy/curly on me yet.) It took her at least a half hour to do it, with much styling product and a flat-iron. I know that I will probably never take the time to even attempt to get it that straight myself...even if I did, it would still not be straight. And, since I've washed it, it looks a little different and closer to my head/face than I'm used to (it's been pretty wild for a while), so I'm still getting used to it.

Enough about my hair. On to shopping! Kerri got a new job at a high school and was looking for stuff to decorate her office with, so we headed over to the Wal-Mart across from the salon. Even out in the middle of nowhere, Wal-Mart is always crowded with crazies...(it's the same everywhere, isn't it?) We found some posters and little decorative things, and....Kerri thought it might be fun to make Makit&Bakit suncatchers for her window (she found a tropical keychain kit). I like crafts, so I was all for it. You know, we felt it would be like going back to our childhoods...

After Wal-Mart, it was off to the mall. Kerri needed new work clothes (any excuse to shop!) and NY&Co was having a any pair of pants at regular price, get a second pair for $15. Well...let me tell you, Kerri and I could keep NY&Co in business by ourselves. We spent way too much money there! (Though I'm sure they were more than happy to take it!) Of course, it tends to be totally hit or miss for us in that store. Either we each find a ton of possibilities, or we walk in and nothing strikes us... We were lucky this time, or rather, they were.

Anyway, after that we hit The Cheesecake Factory for a dinner of appetizers and cheesecake. I highly recommend the Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes - they are awesome! And we ordered too many appetizers and got a piece of Banana Cream Cheesecake to go (and to split).

Back at Kerri's house, at 11:30ish pm, we were both full of appetizers and getting really tired. So what do we do? We turn on SNL and crack open the suncatcher kit with much ambition, and no tweezers. And then it all comes rushing back to Kerri...the reason she hated doing these things when she was a kid. And I'm sitting there wondering why we used to think these were so much fun...though truth be told, I would have enjoyed this more if I had been actually awake. But, I did wonder how much of these projects we left unfinished for our mothers to work on and stick in the oven.

Anyway, here's a shot of the project at the start, when we were wondering what the hell we were thinking...

A shot of them in the oven, midway through the baking process, while we were both waiting for them to finish so we could go to bed. At this stage, they are kind of funky looking, with the plastic bits not liquified yet. All bumpy but smooth. (Quite the oxymoron, I know!)

And here they are finished. After all that hassle, they'd better look good on that school office window! (Did you put them up yet Kerri?) Sorry everyone, if that was a little anti-climactic.

Sunday I headed over to my mother's house for the little lunch party she was throwing him. When I went to Target with Christyn on Friday night, I had agonized at the card racks to get him the perfect card, and also purchased a $25 gift card for him. Well, naturally, when I left on Saturday, the card and gift remained in the Target bag sitting in my living room. So, I felt kind of bad to be there empty-handed. But I can mail it to him. At least I showed up!

And finally got to meet "the girlfriend." She's actually really nice. Seemed to fit in pretty well. I felt bad for her though, since she had a splitting headache about an hour after lunch - very likely caffiene deprivation (we were talking about that too). Mom made up an ice pack for her, hoping it would help. I'm trying not to focus on the age thing, because I know it doesn't change one's personality. It's just weird to see my little bitty brother (who's not that little bitty anymore) with someone that much older than he is, even though she seems cool, and I really did like her. I know I'll get used to it eventually, and then I probably won't even think about the age thing. I also wonder if part of it is my protective older sister thing - I haven't seen Tony with a girlfriend since he was in high school. But, at least I know she's not after him for his money - you know, since he doesn't have any! I just hope he is happy, and he really does seem to be.

(He's wearing a promise ring...doesn't that seem quick? It's been maybe 3 months...)


kerri said...

Nice recap Tam. You didn't miss anything! We're pretty good at shopping, eating and hanging around. Thanks for hanging out and helping me! The rocker hairdresser is always a trip, but does a good job. How's the hair???

I hung up the suncatchers on my buletin board, they are very cute. I think the janitor was playing with them, because I came in my room the next day and they were backwards, and that Fuuzball thing was moved too. :-)

So, wait... Tony's got a GF? Woah. :-)

kerri said...

Oh yeah, LOVE the posters.I need more. And the $5 clock radio!