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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday Randomness

Just a little blurb today…I was pretty frustrated with blogger last night. I had taken some photos of my sock-in-progress (it's coming along quite nicely), and was going to post them, but blogger wasn't connecting…then again, it's probably my ancient computer that was causing the problem, as it promptly froze on my screen and wouldn't let me do a thing… Though I could happily continue my spider solitaire game (I suck at it, but I just can't stop playing!! Something to do while waiting for all those pages to load).

I've been thinking about joining the One Skein Secret Pals Exchange hosted by Interweave Press. But, I get self-conscious and wonder if I'm good enough and if some stranger would be happy with what I might do to their lovely skein of mystery yarn…I'd hate to have wasted their money. What is with this constant self-doubt?? I should do it though - it sounds like fun. (And they let crocheters in!) But, I'd better get on it, if I want to, because the deadline is May 1st. Hmm...I'm also a little confused, as the page says you send one skein to your secret pal the first month, then a 2nd skein the 2nd month. Then, in the 3rd month, you mail your pal the one-skein project you completed for them. Does that mean you get to keep one of the skeins? (Pardon my idiocy...I've never participated in a secret pal exchange.)

Busy day at work today - I haven't gotten to catch up on any of my obsessive blog reading! But, I do feel like I am getting a lot done today. Which is good. Maybe eventually all of these stacks of files/paper on my desk will start to shrink...


Dagny said...

It looks like you only have to make something from one of the skeins you receive. The other skein is a gift.

Oh, and Blogger was having major issues yesterday. It might not have been your computer.

kerri said...

It's funny how you are "so busy" at work, yet you still have time to write your blog. Hmm, funny how that is... :)

And yes, you are good enough for an exchange. You'd be a perfectionist about the entire process.

Tami said...

hey, I didn't write that much. I'm getting work done, believe it or not. :)

Christyn said... can only WISH those files and papers would shrink! I'm a witness..they aren't going anywhere while you blog away all day! JK!! :)

Kelli said...


You have inspired me to join the One Skein Secret Pal exchange. Not only is this my first exchange, but I am a *newbie* at crochet. Although I will probably be more meticulous on this project (for someone else) than necessary, I am going to give it a go and see what happens. Thanks for the motivation - if you hadn't taken a break from work to blog, I would have never known.

Secret Pal said...

Hi Tami,

You might have already clarified this for yourself by reading the Swap homepage, but just in case you haven't, I wanted to let you know that you don't have to make something out of one of the skeins that your gifter-pal (me) sends you and send it on to your giftee-pal. You choose 3 skiens that you think your giftee will like, and you send her two of them just as you bought them, and turn the 3rd one into something wonderful, and send that to her at the end of the swap.

Looking forward to reading your answers from the questionnaire!

Tami said...

Thanks Secret Pal - I figured that out after reading the FAQs on the Exchange page - then I felt like a moron for not figuring it out on my own! (I do have my moments...)