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Monday, April 10, 2006

Falling Apart

Okay, so I'm 30 and I'm already falling apart. I may have said this before, but I don't remember (first thing to go?). Today I had a dentist's appointment. I hadn't been in a year - and the last time I went was a disaster...I passed out. In the dentist's office!! From the Novocaine! (Well, according to the dentist, it was a different kind of anesthesia, that had epinephrine in it, and personally, I think it interacted with my anti-anxiety meds.) After that, the hack who I'd gone to actually thought I'd want to reschedule (I was getting a filling replaced). Like I'd want to risk going through THAT again! That first injection was the most painful I'd ever had in a dentist's office, and after passing out, spilling my Dixie cup of water in my lap and dropping & soaking the magazine I'd been holding and then recovering, I never got numb!! Don't get me wrong, I couldn't move anything on the right side of my face, but I could feel everything. Seriously, I was afraid the dentist had actually paralyzed me (he didn't, I can move my face again). I think I must have been spoiled before - and I'm one who'd never feared the dentist. Anyway, he shot me up with regular Novocaine and I numbed up immediately - no fainting - and he refilled the tooth. Moron. His reasoning for using the other anesthetic was that it is longer lasting. That's ridiculous - it's a 10 freakin' minute procedure!! Not to mention that he'd made me wait over an hour to even take me back to the exam area. And there was NO ONE else there! Anyway, I decided that I was never, under any circumstances, ever going back to that guy.

The next day at work I went to my benefits online system and changed my dentist with the insurance company to one that a friend/co-worker recommended. So, even after fixing the filling in that tooth, it was still sensitive to pressure, if I bit down on something just right (or wrong), but I put off making another appointment until last week, a year later, when it became hot/cold sensitive again, and started aching. I am a TERRIBLE procrastinator...

So, I really like the new dental office (feels like a real dental office, unlike the last place, which felt like an isolated cave of pain and dental destruction - did I mention how dark it was there? Old and outdated, and NO dental hygenists...that was weird to me. BTW, I only went there because I was in desperate pain and this was the dentist that the insurance company had assigned me to). Anyway, it's a good thing I like this new place, and actually feel like I can trust them (helps a ton that my friend goes there and also likes them), because it seems like I'll be spending plenty of time there in the next few months. The filling in the painful molar has expanded and is actually cracking my tooth in half (well, THAT would explain the pain!). I have an abscess above my right front tooth, which doesn't hurt at all...Apparently because the root of that tooth has died...Lovely, huh? And apparently I grind my teeth...Must be while I'm sleeping, since I certainly don't do it while I'm awake. Anyway, I need at least 3 more appointments to take care of this stuff. I need a crown & a half (Maryam says there's a reason she's called me a princess in the past...I deserve a crown! Is that an insult?), possibly a root canal there (which they won't know until they've prepped for the crown), very likely a root canal above my front tooth to treat and take care of the abscess (they're setting me up with an endodontist to check out that situation...Never seen one of those).

Sorry to unload all of that on you unwilling readers...(though if you've read this far, you're probably at least a tiny bit interested...) Anyway, I go in again next Tuesday for the crown prep. Now, who's going to tell my bank account about how lonely those little dollars that I leave in there will be?

And OH MY GOD - what a neurotic jerk Lenny turned out to be (on the Apprentice - quick change of subject...Um, I do that). I can't believe how he treated Charmaine during the task. She was bringing up good points, and he just basically kept telling her to shut up. And he was so defensive in the boardroom (which is to be expected, but he kept contradicting Trump and I'm surprised Caroline didn't slap him for being such a prick to her). Okay, I am way too into this show...

OMG (again)!! I just realized why Sean looks so familiar! He looks like a tanned version of Billy Zane. Anyone else see it?


Kerri said...

OMG. Can I just say I agree with everything you just said about the apprentice! LOL. Lenny is a MORON, but I like Sean.

And I'm sorry about the dentist, but thanks, you just made me EXTRA paranoid about going now myself!

Tami said...

Sorry about making you paranoid should hear the route canal stories people are feeding me here (at work)!

kerri said...

I don't wanna, it's my goal to go to the dentist this summer and I'm scared S&^%$less since it's been so long, but feel free to fill us all in anyway. :P