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Monday, April 17, 2006

Short 'N Sweet

I finished the Short 'N Sweet Bolero last Friday. I had to add an extra row to the body (short-waisted as I am, it was still too short for my taste). The only other alteration I made to the pattern was in the sleeve rounds. Instead of chaining three immediately after joining rounds, I slip stitched into the prior V-stitch and then chained three, which kept the V-stitches looking like actual V's. After finishing and weaving in all ends, I tried it on. Unfortunately, I had underestimated my bust measurements when deciding which size to make, and the open front kept wanting to fall to the sides instead of laying nicely over my chest. (I am cursed, I tell you!) But, I was still quite happy with having completed my first actual garment, so the sense of accomplishment wasn't diminished.

I decided to give this to my mother, who is skinny and narrow (unlike me). Here's a shot of her wearing it. (The mirror shot was her idea, to get the front and back in the same shot - isn't my mother brilliant?)

Later today, I go back in to the dentist to get prepped for the crown. (Do I get a coronation ceremony?) I also find out if I need a root canal under that molar...wish me luck!


Dagny said...

Your mother is indeed brilliant.

Joie said...

Ooh! Good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed that you won't need serious work.
But, I don't think THIS coronation ceremony will be much fun.

I also love the sweater. So cute. It looks nice on your mom.
And your bust complaint reminded me, I borrowed a book called "Dress Your Best" from the library by the people who do "What Not To Wear" on TV. They have recommendations for every body type. I loved the suggestions for mine.
And let me be clear, I do NOT think you need to be on their show. I just loved the book, and I thought you might like it too.

Christyn said...

Cute sweater! :)
Good luck with the dentist...we can go to Burger King and get you a crown, if that'll make you feel better! hee hee!

Tami said...

Sure Joie...just think I'd like the book, eh? Hmm...that reminds me, I really need to pay my $12 library fine (yes, $12!!) so I can start checking out books again. Then I can maybe check that one out...

As for my coronation ceremony, that will happen at a TBD appointment. Today, I get a temporary crown (you know, to appease the masses until it's official...).

kerri said...

I'm baaaaaaaaack from DL. Love the sweater. Good luck at the dentist!

Angela said...

The Short n Sweet looks great! Hope the Dentist was gentle.
Angela 'La Vonne' Best

Tami said...

Thanks Angela! (And I mean that - it was a great pattern!) And me & my dentist are really getting to know each other...he's actually been great. So great, that I'm going back for a root canal. (Okay, it's not exactly a pleasure trip...)