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Friday, April 28, 2006

One Skein...

It's Official

Okay, I did it! I sent my info to Interweave Press and have now officially signed up for the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange. I'm kind of excited now! It gives me a good excuse to go peruse the LYS at lunchtime (I haven't been to the one by work since before Christmas - trying to curb my unneccesary spending…plus need to use up some of the yarn already in my ever-growing stash…of course, I have visited the LYS closer to home once since Christmas…but that was totally necessary. You know, have to curtail the withdrawal symptoms).

So, now I have that pretty little button on my sidebar! (Love that yarn!) I don't know how to make the button link to the website though...I have my limitations.

One More Week...or more

I have a slight reprieve from the frantic housecleaning (which I'll admit, has not been nearly as frantic as it should have been). I had been planning to have the place ship shape (if your ship is a wreck?) by Saturday so it would be presentable when Mom and the step-father came to haul off my ugly couches. I talked to Mom Wednesday night, and it turns out they are not coming this weekend after all, because some event or something with their Chevy club came up. (I see where I fit into the priorities…:( ) But, at least now I have more time to clean…like all weekend. Probably good, since I don't get any cleaning done during the week at all. But, that means I don't get Gracie for a few more weeks.


Dagny said...

I would post the html for you to get your button to work but of course the comments won't let me do that. If you want it to work, shoot me an email. (There's a link on my blog.)

Sounds like we'll be doing the same thing this weekend -- cleaning. *sigh*

Christyn said...

What's LYS?

Tami said...

LYS = Local Yarn Shop