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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Season 31 Continued

The birthday season continued this weekend. I spoke to my mother Thursday night and had the following conversation (or something similar):

Mom: You still coming up this weekend?

Me: Yeah, that was the plan. When is brunch?

Mom: Sunday at 1pm. What kind of cake do you want?

Me: Can I request something I used to have a lot when I was younger?

Mom: Pie?

Me: Yes! mother knows me so well! I went through a long period when I was younger when I didn't like cake (or pizza, for that matter), so for a few years, I had pies for my birthday instead. And honestly, I could still live without cake. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat it if it's in front of me, but it's really not my preferred dessert. So I was lookin forward to having birthday pie again!

On Saturday, I drove up to Sacramento and hung out with my friend Kerri. We hit the mall and went on a shopping spree. It would have been more of a spree if either of us actually had much money... And, the first thing we did was buy identical sweaters at The Gap. This is not unusual - we have very similar taste in clothing. But, they had this great kelly green sweater, and it's a really good color on both of us. And was on sale. (Nothing else in the store really appealed to either of us.) And I finally used that Nordstrom gift certificate that I got for my birthday last year!

Then, dinner at California Pizza Kitchen - yum! After that, we headed back to her house and vegged out watching The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I hadn't seen it before. Different from the book, but still good.

Sunday it was off to Mom's for family time and food. It was my stepbrother's birthday last week, so this was a combined celebration. Dinner was good, presents were good (aren't they always?), and the pie - excellent! My mother makes the best pies! And no, it's not bias speaking. It's true! Her crusts are the best. Light and flaky. It's possibly the only thing my mother is truly vain about. But they really are excellent.

I should have taken some of it home! But, it wouldn't have lasted the car ride up...especially since traffic was stop and go...

So instead of pie, I stopped at In-N-Out in Fairfield. A total madhouse! But worth it. I don't go there very often.

So, all in all, it was a good weekend. :)


Dagny said...

That pie is pretty. And I knew that you would end up with a season. What mall? Arden Fair? Because that's my fave mall in Sacto.

Jill said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Nice to see another "I prefer pie over birthday cake" kind of gal!

Fluffycat said...

that pie looks yummy. is it cherry?

Joie said...

Mmmm pie!
That crust even LOOKS light and fluffy.

Good sweaters at Gap, huh?
Maybe I should take a peek at ours....
(probably won't go for green though, I don't suppose you need a triplet)


Christyn said...

So...since you are a pie person..does that mean you didn't REALLY like your ice-cream cake here at work??? Hmmm? Now I'm sad! (sniff sniff)

Tami said...

I never said I wasn't an ice cream person!!

And yes, the pie was cherry. My favorite! (Though apple is pretty darned good too)

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