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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A question for the ages

Thursday and Friday this week I had good hair days. Yep, that's right. 2 whole days in a row! (Believe me, it's rare!) I got lots of compliments on that and my new shirt on Thursday, and was feeling rather self-confident for once (also quite rare...very much so!). So, the question is...when I'm looking pretty good, and feeling good about myself, why do I never run into any attractive eligible men? They only seem to appear when I'm feeling and/or looking like crap.

It's a curse!


Dagny said...

One of my friends has this theory that they show up when you're not necessarily looking your best because you are less intimidating.

D.T. said...

Or maybe it's a sign that you should do more shopping. You know to gain more confidence, therefore allowing more men to take notice. And if they dont notice, well,at least you have a whole new wardrobe!

Fluffycat said...

I have to say, usually men hit on me when I'm either on a date or when I'm looking like total crap. I just think it's random.

Tami said...

Dagny - nice theory...but I think I must give off a negative vibe or something...

D.T. Shopping, huh? Good thing I did some more of that this weekend. But, I could be convinced to do more. Want to float me a little loan?

Fluffycat - Usually, they ignore me completely. Regardless of my appearance...(wait, I lied...freaks actually approach me...should I be worried?)

Joie said...

You are not the only one whom freaks approach, don't worry. I've always had more than my fair share. My mom thinks it's because I look like I am nice.

And my husband is of the oppinion, that we (ladies) think we look like crap when we don't, or at least guys don't really notice.

And to see cute guys, you gotta go where they are.